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Rainy Day Poems

James McDonald

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This is a great introduction to poetry for kids and just plain fun for everyone. The illustrations are cute and bright and the topics for the poems are quite diverse. I especially love the surprise ending to “A Snort and a Snore” and the fun description of a child’s afternoon in “An Epic Poem for Kids”. I gave this to my grandkids for Christmas and think they will enjoy it tremendously.


Hold on to your hats,
And get ready to go.
Because the rain’s just begun,
And it’s time for the show.

The adventures of Sami and Thomas Lamb.

63 pages of fantastically illustrated poems for kids that are sure to capture the reader’s attention. Sami and Thomas Lamb will have you laughing in no time with their crazy adventure. Can you find the stuffie on every page?

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Boo Hoo – Children’s Picture Book

Barry J. McDonald

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This is another great children’s book from Barry J McDonald! Lovely story about an owl, Ollie, who is afraid of the dark and therefore gets teased by his siblings. However, he seems to gain his lost confidence, when he meets some bats and therefore starts joining his family in their night time playing. The book has really wonderful illustrations that your kids will love. I highly recommend it.

Mary Cool

In this original and enchanting children’s book you’re about to meet “Ollie” the owl who’s got a big problem, he’s a afraid of the dark. It also doesn’t help that his brothers and sisters tease him about his fear and make fun of him. Follow Ollie as he overcomes his fear of the dark from some unusual little friends.

Filled with fantastic colorful illustrations along with an entertaining, cute and fun rhyming text. This book is guaranteed to entertain and enchant both you and your child. Discover now why reviewers call Barry J McDonald’s books a treasure of a book that you simply can’t afford to miss out on having.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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