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Poetic Puns – Grammar Made Fun. Learning Parts of Speech with Silly Poems That Teach. (English Grammar Books Ages 9 – 12)

Ponn Sabra

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Great Mnemonic device for learning grammatical rules, which can be hard to learn. By putting the rules in a fun rhyming scheme with cute pictures this book will be tremendously fun and helpful for young kids (or kids at heart)to learn important writing and reading skills.

Chess Animal

Want to Ace your next Grammar test without having to go through all your messy class notes–or worse, go over your boring English grammar book!?
It’s Time To Make Grammer Fun With Silly Poetic Puns

No need to be bored or confused any longer! Check out these silly poetic puns (wordplays or play on words) with equally silly cartoons to help you learn the parts of speech once and for all.

Target Age: 9 – 12 year olds

These are the very poems I wrote to teach my three daughters these sticky grammar problems, and they all became best-selling authors at 9, 11 and 12 years old!
Learning Parts of Speech Can Be Easy!

Never mess up Verbs and Nouns again by learning them in the right order!
Remember everything effortlessly with the aid of cute, colorful illustrations!
Go from grammar disaster to grammer master by learning simple silly rhymes that make grammar easy!

Chapters Included:


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Little Caterpillar And Cricket (Noisy Farm – A Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Picture Book, Perfect Bedtime Story)

Beata Noemi Balant

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My daughter really enjoyed this story and I enjoyed the overall message in the story. Also liked the pictures and the characters.

Tan White

Far, far away, where the mountains meet the sky and the air resounds with the songs of the skylarks, there was a tiny, little egg on a huge sunflower.
‘Wow, you are so strange!’ said the sunflower. ‘Come quickly out of your egg. Let me see who you are!’
Hearing the sunflower’s kind encouragement, he started to stick out his feet one after the other. First, there were only two … then four… then six … By the end, he had so many feet, the sunflower couldn’t even count them.
‘Wow, one thing is sure, you are not short of feet!’ cried the bee.
‘How red is your hair!’ said the spider.
‘What am I?’ wondered the tiny egg. ‘Maybe a beautiful skylark or a graceful swan or maybe a sweet little chick?!? … Oops!’
As he was wondering, he rolled down and hit the ground. The eggshell broke and the newcomer was out of the egg……

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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mar-Learning-ebook/dp/B00BZHNTQY/ref=zg_bs_155009011_f_23″ target=”_blank”>Download Now

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