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Plain Fame (The Plain Fame Trilogy)

Sarah Price

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Sarah Price once again engages her readers in a tender drama
that leaves you wondering if two very different worlds…the Amish
and the English can collide and still leave us with beauty.
After Alejandro Diaz a famous Cuban singer, crosses paths with
Amanda Beiler an Amish girl in the middle of NYC, the beauty begins.
Alejandro’s world becomes Amanda’s, and Amanda seeks her own path in the light
of Alejandro. Fantastic and well written….mostly beautiful.

Diana Bupp

Book 1 of 3 in the Series
Amanda Beiler is a young Amish woman traveling back to Pennsylvania from a visit in Ohio. Alejandro Diaz is a famous Cuban singer living the life in the limelight of international media. Their worlds collide on the streets of Manhattan, an accident that brings them together and, despite their efforts, will not let them be apart. What happens when that bridge is crossed between two very conflicting worlds and two extremely different cultures?

An Amish Christian Romance that will leave you breathless and wanting more. Sarah Price, bestselling author of Amish Christian Romances, brings her twenty-five years of experience living among the Amish and from growing up Mennonite to the pages of her novels and novellas, in order to present a truly authentic Amish experience just for her readers.

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The Narrow Path

Gail Sattler

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I absolutely loved this story line! It was so humorous from the very beginning! Ted is so traditional, in his faith. And Miranda a carefree girl that loves her life and her faith the way it is. The juxtaposition of the black hat, suspenders, and boots, vs the semi tight blue jeans, red high heels and lipstick was way too funny. I could just picture all of this happening in a movie.

boxer dog

The Narrow Path is a story about a couple who must face their differences and learn to work together as they look toward a lifetime of love. Miranda Klassen’s Mennonite church is big and modern and she loves the mixture of faith, action, and activity. But in order to follow her dream she moves across the country to a small town to organize the 75th anniversary celebration of an Old Order Mennonite church. Ted Wiebe has been assigned to assist and guide Miranda, feeling good that his church has chosen another Mennonite. But except for sharing the same basic faith and denomination, their churches have nothing else in common. His church embraces old-style roots, so Ted expects to find someone similar at the airport: a woman who never wears pants, no body piercing (including pierced ears), no makeup, and wearing a head covering as a sign of modesty, someone else who lives in accordance with old-fashioned values. But the woman who acknowledges him is wearing unreasonably high and outlandishly expensive shoes, denim jeans, and makeup, including bright red lipstick. As she gets off the plane she’s fiddling with an iPod and yapping on the cell phone. When Miranda enters Ted’s church and community she feels like she’s been transported back into Little House On The Prairie. Ted is supposed to help Miranda fit in, and Miranda is supposed to help his church reach out into the community. When it’s time to start planning and organizing for the celebration, then the fun really begins.

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The Faith of Ashish: Blessings in India Book #1 (Blessings of India)

Kay Marshall Strom

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I was very impressed with The Faith of Ashish. As the first book in the Blessings in India series, it does have a rather abrupt ending that is perfect for this story. Strom has really laid a fantastic ground work with this first book. It’s obvious she spent a lot of time researching and developing all aspects of this novel in order to give the reader a very authentic look into the Hindu culture. This is truly a remarkable book and one I highly recommend as not only an enjoyable read, but as an opportunity to better understand life in India.


Virat and Latha named their son Ashish, for he is the light and glory of their world. Yet a simple drink of water from the wrong cup changes them forever. Virat, Latha, and Ashish are Untouchables in 1905 India, members of a caste who must never contaminate the world of the other, higher, castes.

When Ashish is in desperate need of a doctor, Virat risks everything to save his son and ventures into the dangerous realm of the high caste. There, the strength of a father’s love, the power of a young British nurse, and the faith of a child change the lives around them.

“Kay Strom has penned a high-powered suspense novel using her extensive overseas research and her experiences in third world countries. A master in creating the unexpected.” – DiAnn Mills, Christy Award winner and author of Pursuit of Justice, The Fire in Ember, and Under a Desert Sky

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