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Love’s Stormy Gale (Heartsong Presents)

Lynette Sowell

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This book was great. It told an excellent story of love lost, letting go, and taking hold of the precious moments today.

Donna McConathy

Two years ago, Olivia Shea was trying on her wedding gown, dreaming of marriage and motherhood. But her fisherman fiancé was lost at sea and Olivia fled, unable to stay in the New England fishing village. Now she’s back in Fairport, determined to face her fears by working on a whale boat tour. But the charter’s captain is the sole survivor of her fiancé’s ill-fated voyage—a man of danger and memories.

Jonathan Barrotta’s scars from the night he nearly died run as deep as the vast Atlantic. To prove himself and to honor his friend’s memory, he vows to fulfill his dream of piloting his own boat. But a life at sea means a life without Olivia—the woman he’s always secretly loved. How can he ask her to be a fisherman’s wife? Only with the Lord guiding their way will Jonathan and Olivia chart a course toward home—together.

Faith, hope and love. If you enjoy contemporary and historical inspirational romances, look for four new stories every month from Heartsong Presents.

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Discovering Hope

Chautona Havig

Price: 99 Cents

I was impressed with the boldness of Hope’s faith combined with the respect she has for those who don’t share it. Jay has the gift of seeing to the heart of a matter; a gift I think he shares with the author who created him. This insight into the heart of the characters is what I think keeps me coming back to her books.
This book truly made me laugh and cry. The balance was good between the two. The truth of God’s word is interwoven and handled skillfully and with grace, understanding, and a depth of knowledge you don’t always find in a Christian novel. This is possibly the best book I have read of Chautona’s to date and I have read quite a few!

Lisa K.

What do Brigadoon, saris, epic laser tag games, and Jesus have in common? Hope. She’s a Christian with a passion for life and a fascination with Jay’s heritage. He’s an Indian with a fledgling interest in learning about the Hope within Hope.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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