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How to Meal Plan: A Step by Step Guide for Busy Moms

Crystal VanTassel

Price: 99 cents

This ebook was such a great resource for me! With a family of 7, I’m ALWAYS looking for dinner ideas and knowing Crystal has a family similar in size to my own, I love seeing what recipes work for her own family. The printables are fantastic and ones I can see myself using again and again. Crystal breaks it down for the beginning meal planner and I can see this ebook as a resource I will refer to again and again. The ebook is easy to read and even with my busy lifestyle, I was able to read through this in one evening.

Jamie Roubinek

This eBook will teach you how to meal plan, while saving you money and saving you time – in 5 easy steps.If you struggle with getting dinner on the table, this is a must read.

How to Meal Plan: A Step by Step Guide for Busy Moms includes:
* how to meal plan in 5 easy steps
* a list of 20 sites to find recipes on
* how to create a grocery list (with 10 resources and tools)
* 12 ideas for displaying your menu
* pointers for implementing your plan
* tips to follow when road blocks arrive
* 5 free printable worksheets that have been custom-made for this eBook
* 14 easy recipes for two weeks of dinner ideas
* an awesome list of 10+ mommy resources for other struggles

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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