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Thorns in Eden and The Everlasting Mountains

Rita Gerlach

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As the author catapults the reader into the 1774 colonial tensions on the Maryland frontier of Fredericktowne, every chapter rises and falls with dreams realized and love denied. Life and death dangle over every decision, brash courage races headlong into jealousy, and steadfast faith is pitted against vengeance. From first word to last, Gerlach achieves what Vladimir Nabkov taught: “A great writer is always a great enchanter” for a work of art creates a new world, and in these combined works, Rita Gerlach proves she is a master artist.
In legendary literature, I find “Thorns in Eden” as definitive a saga as “Gone with the Wind” or “North and South.” What the name of Margaret Mitchell or John Jakes has come to mean about the Civil War, so also will Rita Gerlach’s name become synonymous with the American Revolution to the patriot in every living soul, child or adult. Gerlach’s historical fiction belongs in our schools, in our libraries and in our homes. It is a spiritual revelation as much as it is American history in living color and has great potential for a television series based on the founding of the United States, at a time when Americans need to be reminded of the valor and moral fortitude their forefathers shared in bringing their dream of freedom to North America.

Bonnie Toews

INSPIRATIONAL HISTORICAL ROMANCE ~ Set in Colonial Maryland and the coast of Cornwall in England at the start of the American Revolution.

John Nash journeys back to England before the first shots of the Revolution are fired. Rebecah Brent, a young woman who has known little more than the solitude of an isolated manor, gives him her heart.

Can Nash protect his beloved from a man who has no allegiance to any nation, tribe, or creed, wanted for robbery and murder, who has vowed vengeance? In Thorns In Eden and The Everlasting Mountains, love and faith are the sustaining forces that cannot be overtaken by the vines of adversity.

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Fields of Corn (The Amish of Lancaster: An Amish Christian Romance (Book 1)

Sarah Price

Price: 99 cents

I really enjoy “Bonnet Books” (Amish fiction). I’ve read many Beverly Lewis books and love her style of writing. I was looking around for something different and came upon this book. It was written from an Englisher’s view (Shana) and how she came to fall in love and marry into the Amish community. The only thing I would have enjoyed more, personally, is if the book showed more reminiscing of the main character Shana. You have snippets here and there in the beginning of her life as a young woman in the world. Then toward the middle of the book you learn of her family when they visit her on the Amish farm. But as she slowly crosses over to the Amish, it would have been nice to have her reminiscing back on her upbringing, losing close friends, etc. Making you more aware of how difficult it must have been.
All in all I thought the book was a good read and I recommend it to anyone who loves Amish fiction.


Best-selling author of Amish Christian Romances, Sarah Price introduces readers to the world of the Amish in Fields of Corn, the first book in her Amish of Lancaster Series. Based in part on the author’s real experiences living among the Amish, readers will get a glimpse into the lives of the Lapp family.

In Fields of Corn, Shana Slater, a non-Amish woman from out of state, doesn’t realize that her life is about to change when she pulls into the Lapp farm in Leola, Pennsylvania, to inquire about renting a small apartment over a mule shed. Yet, the price is right and the rolling fields of corn present a peaceful place for her to retreat when she is not working in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Her curiosity about the Amish way of life is piqued when she befriends Emanuel Lapp, the son of her landlord. As she learns about the Amish through his eyes, she quickly realizes that the Amish way of life is more than just religion and a plain way of living. She also discovers that the more she learns, the more she is unexpectedly falling for much more than their plain and simple lifestyle. When two worlds collide, which will survive and at what cost?

Based in part on the author’s experience living on an Amish farm, Fields of Corn presents a sweet and authentic love story.

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Before the Scarlet Dawn: Daughters of the Potomac, Book 1

Rita Gerlach

Price: $2.99

In Before the Scarlet Dawn, Rita Gerlach has penned an emotionally gripping saga of the harsh realities of Colonial life; replete with the constant threat of Indians, terrifying blizzards, ravages of war, forbidden passion, and sin.
One of my favorite things about Rita Gerlach’s novels is her use of imagery which is second to none, and I could actually see the beauty of the Potomac River, the green fields and lush forests, and smell the honeysuckle in the air. This story was heartbreakingly realistic as well, with the devastation of war, and characters who were not infallable, and filled with sin and selfishness. With as many twists and turns as the Potomac, and a VERY unexpected conclusion, I found myself not wanting to let go of this story even after I was done reading. I simply cannot wait for the next book in this series, and next time I will have the tissues handy! Very nicely done, Rita Gerlach!

Diana Flow

In 1775, Hayward Morgan, a young gentleman destined to inherit his father’s estate in Derbyshire, England, captures the heart of the local vicar’s daughter, Eliza Bloome. Her dark beauty and spirited ways are not enough to win him, due to her station in life.

Circumstances throw Eliza in Hayward’s path, and they flee to America to escape the family conflicts. But as war looms, it’s a temporary reprieve. Hayward joins the revolutionary forces and what follows is a struggle for survival, a test of faith, and the quest to find lasting love in an unforgiving wilderness.

“Filled with true-to-life characters whose struggles will linger with readers long after the last page is turned, Before the Scarlet Dawn is a memorable story of Revolutionary War-era England and America.” – Amanda Cabot, author of Summer of Promise”Rita Gerlach has written a colorful historical with a feisty heroine on a search for survival, romance, and a place to belong.” Cynthia Hickey, author of the Summer Meadows mysteries
“Ms. Gerlach’s unique literary prose has once again captured my heart with a stirring tale of love and loss, desperation and hope during one of the most uncertain times in American History–the Revolutionary War. I cannot wait for the next book in the series!” – MaryLu Tyndall, author of Surrender the Dawn”A stirring story of love and its consequences, Before the Scarlet Dawn will draw you in from the start and not let you go again.” ~ Roseanna M. White, author of Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland and Jewel of Persia
“While reading Before the Scarlet Dawn, you’ll travel back in time–and from England to Maryland–without ever leaving your easy chair! This is a big, beautiful, well-told story of love, faith, and the struggles of war that changed lives…and hearts. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series!” Loree Lough, best-selling author of more than 80 award-winning books, including reader favorite From Ashes to Honor

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