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First Steps Devotions for Families with Young Chldren

Paul J. Loth

Price: $3.99

A very nice little study guide for teachers of young elementary students or their parents. Some excellent talking points, very nice illustrations, no one Christian denomination is promoted at the expense of another. I have no problems with any of the theological points. The lessons each have a think, listen, talk and pray section.

Harrison R. Hamada

Brimming with exciting spiritual challenges, First Steps helps young children realize the joy that can be found in a relationship with God. Each of the 73 devotions is divided into four steps.

Time to Think—simple questions designed to get children thinking about the subject at hand.

Time to Listen—Bible story with full color illustration.

Time to Talk—questions related to the story, and

Time to Pray—ideas for prayer and Scripture verse related to the lesson.

First Steps gives you the special opportunity to pass along to your children you spiritual insights and love for the Lord—in a way that is enjoyable for them and for you.

These devotions are designed to be read to the young child (age 3-6) and for the older children (6-9) to read them by themselves.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Books Of The Bible Games

Kim Maria

Price: $2.99

Wonderful way to encourage Bible study. One question leads to another and so on until you have touched on so much more than answering one question.


Books of the Bible games offer games and fun activities for parents, Sunday school teachers, CCD teachers and elementary school religion teachers.

These games foster kids’ learning and creativity skills while helping them grow in their knowledge of their faith and the bible.

Some games use common household and classroom items while others require inexpensive supplies like construction or computer paper.

These games can be printed off for use at home, Sunday school, religion education classes at schools and for vacation bible schools.

They can be played at home or school anytime during the year and offer children a fun way to learn about the bible and biblical characters while playing fun games.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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