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The Paleo Kid: 26 Easy Recipes That Will Transform Your Family (Primal Gluten Free Kids Cookbook)

Kate Evans Scott

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This book will help you get back to basics and cook real whole foods with your children, without all the processed fillers, by making cooking fun and educational. Each recipe is Authentically Paleo and includes step by step instructions, estimated prep times, and great tips for including children in the cooking process. ‘The Paleo Kid’ makes eating healthy simple with 26 kid tested recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that the whole family will love! Comfort foods that not only nourish, but satisfy cravings by steering your child toward protein rich meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats while avoiding potential allergens like gluten, grains, dairy, and legumes. The recipes in this book are perfect for an allergy free diet. Allergy free diets have been proven to be helpful for children suffering from autism, ADHD, and asthma.

The cookbook features 26 high-quality recipe photos. So you will easily be able to enjoy viewing them on both the black & white and the full color Kindle.

K. Nordhus

This book is filled with delicious recipes that any child, even the non-paleo ones will love.
For the most part all of the recipes are simple and easy to make, but also very tasty, which is a very important aspect when it comes to introducing children to healthy food.
I also liked the fact that the foods used in the recipes didn’t contain any exotic hard to find ingredients.

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The How to Make Money Blogging Guide

Angie Nelson

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Angie shares a lot of first hand information about monetizing a blog in this book. I learned quite a bit from reading this book, especially about advertising venues, ad plug-ins and sponsored posts. Has a very good list and first hand information about the pay for review companies. Especially good for beginning and intermediate bloggers learning how to make money blogging.


This guide was written around the number one question my readers ask me each and every week – How to Make Money Blogging.

The fact of the matter is there are numerous ways you can make money blogging. And you do not have to choose just one! When these avenues are combined, you may find yourself with a valuable little piece of online property.

I’ve put together a number of different ways you can start earning money with your blogs. I’ve included my best tips and resources for boosting that income where you need or want it.

The How to Make Money Blogging Guide will walk you through:

The Different Money-Making Avenues Available
What, If Any, Requirements are Necessary for Each
Where You Need to Go to Take Advantage of These Opportunities
How to Experiment and Implement These Avenues Into Your Blog for the Best Results

Bonus Tracks:

No Niche? No Blog? Need a New One? No Problem! I Will Walk You Through Those Steps
Is Traffic a Concern? I Will Cover Several Aspects of Boosting Your Blog’s Traffic

I know blogging is hard work and it takes a lot of time. You deserve a little compensation. I want you to be successful bloggers, and I want you doing it in a way that you are comfortable with.

Whether you are a brand new blogger or one with an established blog that wants to start generating a consistent income, the How to Make Money Blogging Guide can help get you where you need to go.

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Always Know What To Say – Easy Ways To Approach And Talk To Anyone

Peter W. Murphy

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If you are a shy person who finds it difficult to communicate with new people then this book will be helpful. Peter Murphy presents conversation starters, explains body language and teaches you what to ask people when you first meet. This book contains simple strategies for entertaining conversations. With this book anyone should be able to survive a party or talk to strangers on a plane. I personally find that listening to people talk about their life is a good way to make people like you. Being a shy person by nature I found some of this book to be very useful.

Rebecca of Amazon

Who is this book for?

“Always Know What To Say” is for anyone who wants a straight to the point explanation of conversation skills fundamentals. I point out key distinctions you can apply right away to go from being tongue tied and unsure of what to say to having fun meeting people and getting to know them better. If you read AND apply what I cover in the book you`ll make steady progress and become much more at ease talking to people.

This book is not for you if you already have very good conversation skills and are comfortable meeting new people and letting your personality shine. You need to go elsewhere if you are looking for “secrets” and advanced strategies to achieve conversation skills mastery. You`ll regard this book as common sense.

And finally, this book is not for you if you read self help books and disregard the training because you`ve read something similar before and never apply what you learn. You`ll tell yourself you knew it all already.

You`ll gain a lot from “Always Know What To Say” if you treat it as a set of principles and strategies you get to play with in the real world. This is not light entertainment, its practical training that`s designed for you to use in your day to day life. If you do you`ll enjoy the happiness and warmth that comes from connecting with the important people in your life whether that be in your family and community or at work.

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Trailersteading: Voluntary Simplicity In A Mobile Home (Modern Simplicity)

Anna Hess

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I just found Anna’s blog recently after hearing her husband on a podcast interview. I have immediately taken to her writings. I came to this book already considering living in a trailer once my wife and I find some property. However, I was considering it merely because of the cost. After reading this book, I am genuinely excited for a Trailersteading adventure. This book not only does a great job of painting a picture, but it gives lots of concrete ideas and advice. If you have any desire for either simplistic living, or homesteading, you need to read this book. Its a phenomenal read, and I can’t recommend it highly enough

Andrew Ayers

Imagine what you could do with your time if you didn’t have to spend $16,000 a year on rent or a mortgage. Old single-wide mobile homes can often be found for free (and installed for a couple of thousand dollars) in rural areas, so trailersteading is akin to dumpster-diving. A trailer allows you to live without debt, to keep your ecological footprint to a minimum with energy bills at or below the national average, and even to blend right in with traditional-house dwellers after a few years.

Trailersteading profiles nine mobile-home dwellers who have used trailers as a stepping stone toward achieving their dreams. Some have spent the cash they saved by renovating their trailer on extra insulation, pitched roofs, classy interiors, and even basements, while the found money has allowed others to go off the grid. Many also took advantage of a low-cost housing option to pursue their passions, becoming full-time homemakers or homesteaders.

In addition to the case studies, the book presents easy methods of minimizing the negative sides of trailer life and accentuating the positive. For example, did you know a single-wide is easy to retrofit for passive solar heating? That a simple plant-covered trellis can break up the blockiness of the trailer’s external appearance? Learn which parts of installing and upgrading your trailer are easy for a DIYer and which parts should be left to the experts, along with how to cheaply heat and cool a mobile home.

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Sell Your Work

Joyce Zborower

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Sell Your Work is a report on how to turn your crafts expertise into your business. It was written by a former State Exhibition Chairperson of Arizona Designer Craftsmen, a statewide organization for fine-crafts artists who participate in juried gallery shows throughout the country and whose work has been sought after by collectors.

Sell Your Work recounts the author’s experiences as well as those of other fine-crafts artists and owners of galleries and boutiques regarding what it takes to get your work included in venues where it can be seen, touched, tried on (if jewelry), and purchased.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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