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Buy and Hedge: The 5 Iron Rules for Investing Over the Long Term (Minyanville Media)

Jay Pestrichelli

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The timing couldn’t be any better for this type of book. If you aren’t at least a little uneasy investing in today’s volatile market than you should check your pulse. I am not a “sky’s falling” type of person but for anyone that has had to start over after 2001 and again after 2008 you definitely understand the value of defining your risk for every position you enter. I found this book to be an easy read. Each chapter and topic covered are nice and short making it easy to pick up and put down without having to start over. The authors also had some fun with the examples and stories used making it actually enjoyable to read and not boring and dry like so many other similar type of books. The profit/loss graphs made even some of the more complicated strategies easy to comprehend. Whether you are just beginning, been trading forever, trade a 100 times a year, have never sold anything you ever bought, trade for growth or trade for income, do it all on your own or trust someone else to do it all for you the “5 Iron Rule for Investing” and this book are still for you.

Logan E.

If you’re trying to build wealth, sharp market downturns are your worst enemy. And today, they’re happening far more often: in the last 18 years, the S&P 500 has experienced sixteen violent market declines. Institutions and professional investors have mastered powerful hedging strategies for dramatically reducing the risks of market volatility. Now, you can do it, too–and you can’t afford not to. In Buy and Hedge , two leading investment experts show how to apply hedging as part of a long-term program for growing and preserving your assets. CNBC Fast Money guest Jay Pestrichelli and seasoned financial industry veteran Wayne Ferbert show how to systematically protect yourself against violent downward moves while giving your portfolio maximum room to run in upward markets. The authors’ techniques are easy to use, can be applied to most investment vehicles, and require surprisingly little “care and feeding” once implemented. You’ll discover how to:

· Take advantage of the hedge-building mechanisms built into low-cost index funds

· Invest in your ideas with confidence, because you’ve hedged the downside

· Systematically manage portfolios for risk as well as return

· Master and apply the “5 Iron Rules of Buy & Hedge”

· Use options to manage risk, not to create excess leverage

· Generate more dividends

· Effectively manage cash

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D to A in the Ivy League: How I went from D’s to A’s at Cornell then on to A’s at Harvard in 7 Steps with Less Stress and No Homework

Allison M. Lee

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Study skills & time management are keys to success and this book was a quick read and helps to put things into perspective. I plan to share with my soon to be high school daughter and college freshman niece who are both super students but can always use this advice if they find themselves sinking!


Are you a stressed out student?

Do you need help with study skills and time management in college, graduate school or even high school?

Is school anxiety taking over your emotions and health?

Even though her college years are long behind her, to this day Allison still has nightmares of missing deadlines, not finishing a paper, failing an exam or forgetting to go to class.

In this book, Allison Lee will show you EXACTLY how she went from D’s to A’s at Cornell then on to A’s at Harvard with less stress and without doing her homework.

The average student goes about studying the wrong way. The 7 steps will show you how to simplify your studying process and achieve academic success with less time, less effort and no homework.

Imagine all the extra time you will have for social and extracurricular activities because you are not doing your homework.

This autobiographical story is a simple read and a real road map to academic success.

Great guide book for any post high school student: college, graduate school, etc.

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Kindle Success Stories: How Average People Like You Are Earning a Fortune Self-Publishing Kindle Ebooks (Kindle Bible)

Tom Corson-Knowles

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As an author with several of my own books on Amazon, I am always looking for inspiration and information about how to make my own writing better. Kindle Success Stories by Tom Corson-Knowles is packed full of inspirational Bios about other eBook authors who are making their mark in the digital writing world. Because ‘life’ at times can get in the way of our more important projects, I had taken some time off from writing….then Tom put out this little book. For one thing, he understands who his audience is and that many of the people who read his eBooks are serious about acting on the information that they read. He also offers a lot of valuable information for a more than reasonable price. This little eBook got me writing again, and anything that motivates me to be productive, is worth a lot more than what he’s priced his book. If you want to write in the digital age, this book will give you motivation to get started. Also has lots of information-packed links at the end of the book that may help you get started. Thanks again, Tom. This book is a gem!

Richard Kelley, M.D.

How and Why Ebooks Now Outsell Physical Paperbacks and Hardcover Books

Imagine if you had twice as many book sales… how would that make you feel? What would you do with all your extra profits?

Statistically, all you would need to do to more than double your sales if you only have a physical book is to publish it as an ebook! Because far more ebooks are sold every day than physical books.

How Regular Writers and Authors Just Like You Are Getting Rich on Kindle

In this book, you’ll hear the stories of dozens of self-published authors who are now selling hundreds of thousands of ebooks, and some who have even sold MILLIONS! How much do you think you could learn from one person who’s sold over 100,000 books in a year, let alone 20 indie authors who have done it?

How Quickly Your Sales Can Explode On Kindle

In this book, you’ll learn how one author went from 347 sales in January, 2011 to over 400,000 sales by the end of the year!

You’ll also learn how one self published writer published his very first book EVER on Kindle and just 11 months later had sold over 250,000 ebooks!

How Indie Authors Get On The New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers Lists

You’ll also hear about how self published authors, just average people like you and me, have gotten on the New York Times and USA Today Best sellers lists and how this opportunity is available for anyone – like you!

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My Very Best Advice: 20 Successful Online Women Cut to the Chase.

Sandi Cornez

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This book is short, but to the point – meaning it can be read quickly without getting bogged down with requiring a long period of time to read it. The advice is succinct and very powerful. I read it when I was feeling overwhelmed by all the things going on in my life, and I actually felt uplifted when I finally put it down – this is a book I will return to over and over again. Also, the inclusion of links to the women and short bios have introduced me to 20 very powerful women who’s sites I am still exploring – and may go to for advice. Putting the 20 one-liner summaries of the advice in the back of the book is MOST helpful!

Ilene Baranowitz

Designed for those who are looking for business advice and encouragement on building their business. This book is perfect for new and experienced business owners who want to keep the passion alive while staying focused doing what they love.

So much great advice in this book: My Very Best Advice: 20 Successful Online Women Cut to the Chase.

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