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The Truth of the Cross

R.C. Sproul

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There are few people I’d rather read on this topic than R.C. Sproul. He has an unparalleled gift for explaining difficult theological concepts in a way that makes them accessible and easy to understand. I don’t know of anyone else who does a better job of explaining Reformed theology and the theology of God’s sovereign grace in the contexts of biblical theology and the history of the church. This book does just that. It convincingly unfolds the meaning, significance and power of the cross, showing the necessity of an atonement and providing a biblical defense for substitutionary atonement as understood by the historic stream of Protestant theology.

Tim Challies

Dr. R.C. Sproul surveys the great work accomplished by Jesus Christ through His crucifixion the redemption of God s people. Dr. Sproul considers the atonement from numerous angles and shows conclusively that the cross was absolutely necessary if anyone was to be saved. Opening the Scriptures, Dr. Sproul shows that God Himself provided salvation by sending Jesus Christ to die on the cross, and the cross was always God s intended method by which to bring salvation. The Truth of the Cross is an uncompromising reminder that the atonement of Christ is an absolutely essential doctrine of the Christian faith, one that should be studied and understood by all believers.

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Behind Jane Austen’s Door

Jennifer Forrest

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One gains close glimpses of a rich family as well as one of more modest means, such as the household that Jane Austen’s mother oversaw, and while much of the territory that Jennifer covered seemed familiar, it is arranged in such a pleasant and easy to use format that new authors to the Jane Austen genre or Regency romance will find it very useful, especially Jane Austen fans. “My mother made her entree into the dressing-room through crowds of admiring spectators yesterday afternoon, and we all drank tea together for the first time in five weeks … We live entirely in the dressing-room now, which I like very much; I always feel so much more elegant in it than in the parlour.” – Letter from Jane Austen to Cassandra Austen, Sunday 2 December 1798. Oh, there will be people who say that they already know this information and that the book provides nothing that they didn’t already know, but readers who are just discovering Jane Austen and the Regency world will think otherwise. I, for one, am happy to have another source to turn to when checking my facts about meal times and the precise function of certain rooms and furniture. The book, which is a quick read, is available in e-book format. I found this quite convenient, for I can access it on all my mobile devices and computers. Also, at $2.99 for the Kindle version, it is quite a bargain – Vic at Jane Austen’s World


A tour of a Regency home, room by room.
Behind Jane Austen’s Door takes you on a tour of a Regency house, room by room, to explore the delicate challenges and the beautiful lives of Jane Austen’s women.

Jane Austen did not place her stories in castles or on the battlefields, but in that one building so important to Elizabeth and Elinor: a home of their own.

What was life like for Jane Austen’s women in the home? From drawing room diva, to mother, wife and savvy housekeeper, Jane Austen’s women lived fascinating lives in their homes. Behind Jane Austen’s Door is a gentle 14,500 words. This is a short read, perfect for a few hours relaxing reading.

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How To Teach Your Child

Tamara Chilver

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This book has such great ideas that really will help many homeschool moms answer that looming question or feeling of, “But I’m not a teacher…” by giving every mom (or dad) the tools they need to succeed. It can go with any curriculum and will really help you feel confident with the lists given and activities on how to teach each subject. From reading this book, I know that if I can go from “I’m not a teacher” to feeling like, “Yes – I am a teacher because I know how to teach my child,” then anyone can!


How to Teach Your Child addresses one of the most common concerns homeschool moms have- How do I teach my child? Tamara L. Chilver reveals the tools of the trade while providing parents with simple teaching methods that actively engage children in the learning process. Parents will also learn ways to prevent burnout, tips to simplify learning and shorten their school day, and several ways to save money by using items for homeschooling that they may already have in their homes.

Publisher’s Note: How to Teach Your Child is a revision of the book formerly titled Homeschooling with TLC in the Elementary Grades.

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Muffin Tin Meals

Maggie Ingles

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What a great concept! I’m looking forward to making several of these recipes (a couple don’t interest me) but more importantly, I’m now obsessed with figuring out other meals I can make in a muffin tin. That alone is worth the price of entry! I also like the mini-education on PFOA. Be aware that this is NOT a diet-friendly cookbook, nor is it vegetarian, vegan or anything else it doesn’t claim to be. These are savory, comfort-food type recipes that have a tendency to be high-carb. Great job!


Cut cleanup time in half or get rid of it all together! Cooking with a muffin tin eliminates a lot of steps and cuts out grease. Using paper liners makes cleanup even faster.

Cut out dangerous fumes from your cooking routine. Nonstick pans have a dangerous chemical coating called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) that can be fatal to birds; most other pets and even negatively affects those with respiratory illnesses. Using a coating-free muffin tin cuts those dangers out.

– Make portion perfect meals.
– Know exactly how much you are eating.
– Cook for the week ahead.

Leftover portions are easy to pack up and freeze for another day because they are so small. Instead of thawing out large amounts of food, just heat up what you are going to eat. 

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How to Speed Read: A Very Easy Guide

John Connelly

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Great tips. I improved my words per minute by 100 words Just in the course of reading the booklet. Wanting to create more time for leisure reading, while in college, this will prove a great tool.

K. Mueller

This book will vastly increase the speed at which you read, within an hour you will be able to at least double, probably triple your reading rate.

To make sure you get the most value for money possible I’ve also included the FREE eBook: “How to Study: 20 Tips to Get the Best Grades”. It contains my best best advice on time management, goal setting and how to get the best grades with the least effort. It’s advice that also transfers brilliantly well to professionals and the self employed who want to get ahead of the competition.



Another barrier to higher reading speeds is, again, learnt as a child. We learn to read by looking at one word at a time. It is perhaps the only way we can learn to read, but it offers a second obstacle by asking our eyes to move their fixation again, and again: which is time consuming.

The human vision is much more capable than being asked to merely look at specifically one word at a time. You don’t have to move your eyes onto every word to be able to read a sentence.

A quick step to become aware of this is to focus your sight in the middle of a sentence and notice that as you do so, you can in fact read the words around the central word, indeed without moving your sight from the center you may be able to read the whole sentence with your eyes resting at just this one space. If this is difficult, or the sentence is simply too long, mark two points in the sentence, one a third of the way in, and one two thirds of the way in, and use those as points to rest your eyes on while you read each word of the line of text.

Using your wider vision, and attempting to see more will further help you to improve the speed at which you read as you minimize time spent moving your eyes.

A useful technique is to use the above method and draw two lines down the page you are reading, dissecting it into thirds. Now practice moving your eyes only between these two points and reading all the words without any further eye movement.

If you are struggling to take in the all the words in the line, try and relax your eyes, make them feel slightly lazy so that they aren’t focused so narrowly. Let your gaze be weaker, and soon you will be able to see more than you had before.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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