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Seed Saving Tips & Techniques

Julie Turner

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A seed saving book for the masses! Simple, down-to-earth instructions and great charts to help guide the gardening novice to the master gardener in saving the seeds of those plants you love and want to keep for years and years to keep producing them for present generations and for those to come. Julie Turner presents her methods in non-technical jargon and folksy style that will allow you the reader to jump in and get your hands dirty plus start saving those special plants and growing them again and again.

Bob, President of Seeds of Interest

Most keen gardeners decide at some stage that they want to save their own seed. Raising your own seedlings is extremely satisfying. I still find it so exciting and heart-warming when I grow beautiful, healthy plants from seed that I have collected myself. Watching a seed germinate, become a seedling, and then mature gives me such joy and deep satisfaction. It is witnessing and participating in the miracle of life!

I want to share with you how to save yourself a small fortune by collecting your own seeds and saving them for the next gardening season. This is a guide to getting the best results when saving your own seeds.

In this book you’ll learn:

How to avoid common mistakes
Know that you are growing totally organically
Learn about germination requirements for plant families
Plant life cycles
Seed viability, pollination and isolation distances
Best ways to store your seeds

Happy Organic Gardening, Healthy Living….

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Best of Grain Free Meal Plans, Volume 1: A cook book for those following grain free diets

Cara Faus

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Cara’s recipes are by-and-large simple for the grain-free lifestyle, since it can be daunting at best when embarking on a new diet. The simple crepes with coconut flour have made cold “sandwiches” possible again, and we even use them for tacos. I love being able to see a photo of each dish to know what I’m getting into.

Kathryn M. Kimball

A collection of tried and true favorite recipes from the Grain Free Meal Plan menu subscription service. (this does NOT contain meal plans, see for those)

The cookbook contains over 70 wholesome recipes with full color pictures including everything from Breakfast Sausage to Kimchi to Chocolate Truffles.

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Preschool Play and Learn: 15 Fun Activities for Easter (Preschool Play and Learn: Activities for Every Season)

Tami Crea

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This is a short book with Easter craft ideas. Most of them are very simple, using things easily found around the home or purchased at the supermarket. Many were ideas I had seen before. However, at the end of the book was a delightful little collection of Easter traditions from around the world, that part was very interesting!


Create with your kids and watch them learn!

Making crafts brings fun to any holiday. These 15 fun, easy and EDUCATIONAL crafts will make your fun time teaching time.

Great for parents, older siblings, babysitters and more!

The “Preschool Play and Learn: Activities for Preschoolers” books bring a unique twist to your celebrations.

The affordable, simple supplies are probably already in your closet, kitchen or play tub. Imagine the look on your little one’s face when he or she shows off their holiday creation to extended family or friends.

Each activity contains step-by-step instructions that make it easy for even “non-crafty” people to succeed.

Add this book to your go-to shelf. When your child asks “When is Easter? I can’t wait” you can help the count down days be smooth and fun by preparing and learning along the way.

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Finally, from Employee to Self-Employed – A Proven formula for a risk free, safe transition (The Motivation, Happiness and Success in Life and Business series)

Yonit Werber

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… when I made the big jump from employee to being an independent love coach.
What is great in this practical to the point book is that I still can use many of its advises
even though I am already self-employed!!!
These are life advises relevant for most people!

Olivia Engelstein

If you are considering whether to stay an employee at your job or becoming a self-employed business owner – This book is for you!
If you are unhappy at your job or even suffering there – This book is for you!
If you have an idea for a business that has been itching for a while now, and you want to make it happen – This book is for you!

People think that without economic backing, they can not become self-employed business owners, that if they don’t have a business idea, don’t have connections, or have never managed or marketed any product in their life, they can not start up a successful business. People fear that those around them will have a hard time accepting the change they want to go through, that they will never be able to rest and that the burden will be on their shoulders.

For these and other reasons, many employees give up on their dream to start up a business, to quit their unsatisfying job or to make money doing what they enjoy. Despite a lack of motivation at work, and even a lack of happiness at work, their fear of becoming self-employed and leaving their “comfort zone” numbs them and causes them to remain in a mediocre life, where they are not happy, and their plausible dream remains a distant fantasy.

It isn’t necessarily easy, but this is certainly doable, enjoyable and rewarding – there is nothing that gives you a sense of pride and happiness like starting up your own business where
you realize yourself every single day anew! This can even be a small business, where you work from home and run your business from home. And what a profound change in your
lifestyle and wellness this can bring!

The book “Finally – From Employee to Self-Employed” teaches you, using a series of practical
tools, how to overcome your fears and start up a profitable, enjoyable and successful business, with which you can make your vision a reality and enjoy the process:

How to find the inspiration and right idea for your dream business
How to tell the world about your decision
How to prepare financially for the change
How to find inspirational and motivating mentors and role models who will pave the way for you
How to start marketing your business
How to make it for a while without a steady salary

This book will present before you – what is motivation? And how to create it in your life and business. Whether you are a teenager or well into your retirement, this book, and the ideas it contains within, will accompany you throughout your life, it will provide you with tools to balance business and life, increase your productivity and performance and find the magical work-life balance that you need.

If you are considering, even just in the slightest, transitioning from being an employee to a self-employed business owner – do not pass this book by. It will shorten your way to success and make the transition safer for you and for your family

Yonit Werber is a coach for personal and business success, and an international expert of creating motivation and drive to action. She has over 13 years of leadership experience bringing people and organizations to personal and business growth and success. An engineer by education, she holds an MA in information systems management from the Technion (The Israeli MIT), has written the books: “88 Super Practical Boosters to Get What You Want in Life”, “Finally – From Employee to Self-Employed”, “2400 Hours of Happiness – at Work” and more.

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Parenting Without Tears: Living With Teenagers

Anne Coates

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Before I read Parenting Without Tears I was wary that this may be a book with a lot of psychological analyses but it’s more enjoyable and accessible than that. Anne Coates has done a good job of setting out her arguments in clear, straight-forward chapters that seem to cover everything that I could think of on how to deal with teens. I found that when I was reading this book I was putting myself in the role of the teen and thinking of the kinds of things I did when I was that age and found that Coates’ advice was simple but effective; as a teenager I would have responded well to her suggestions. My parents are rather old-fashioned and wouldn’t dream of picking up a book on parenting as this is quite a modern notion and they’re more likely to do what feels natural, which incidentally, is the same as Coates suggesting to follow your gut instinct. I can understand people’s hesitation to read this kind of book but when I read through it I realised that Coates doesn’t overdo it with pretentious language or arrogance but she gives simple, easy-to-follow advice that many parents will already know but may just need reminding of; it’s a bit of a nudge in the right direction.

Miss S

It is one of the greatest shocks any parent faces. Your gorgeous, smart, polite child is suddenly transformed into a monosyllabic, moody teen who can hardly bear to be in the same room as their parents.

Teenagers can be trying – and parents end up feeling they can’t cope.

But it needn’t be impossible. Living with teenagers can be one of the most rewarding times of your life. You just need to approach it in the right way.

In this helpful, concise, practical guide, parenting expert Anne Coates guides you through how to cope with the teenage years; shows how to steer your child through to adulthood; and offers advice on how to stop them going off the rails.

It include chapters on –

Learning to Let Go
Puberty & Hormones
Sibling Rivals
Peer Pressure
First love – first heartbreak
Pocket money & allowances
Avoiding risky behavior
How to get your teenagers to talk to you
Teenagers working
School & education
Helping your teen make decisions

‘Parenting Without Tears: Living With Teens’ will help you make sure your child becomes a successful, well-balanced adult. It is the guide every parent needs to help them through the most challenging years of parenting

Anne Coates is a journalist and author who has contributed to a wide range of parenting and women’s magazines and well as The Guardian and The Scotsman, specialising in health, parenting and education issues.

In 2007, Anne founded the website Parenting Without Tears and, after chairing the management committee of a local nursery, and then a primary school she is now a member of Southwark Diocesan Board of Education.

Anne’s non-fiction books include: Your Only Child, Applying to University The Essential Guide and University A Survival Guide.

After writing short stories for magazines, Anne has just published a collection: ‘Cheque-Mate & Other Tales of the Unexpected’ and is currently working on a novella.

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