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20-Minute Chocolate Truffles: Step by Step Easy Recipe (With Pictures)

Maia Vethencourt

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Hello Chocolate Lovers!

Are you looking for a quick recipe to calm your lust for chocolate? Or an easy treat to prepare with your children on a lazy Sunday (like we just did)? Or maybe a quick dessert to prepare for your date and have them thinking you must have taken cooking classes?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

This EASY 5-step recipe for a basic chocolate truffle will be ready to devour in 20 minutes if you’re desperate for a chocolate fix (nothing wrong with that!) or in 50 minutes if you can wait an extra 30 for them to chill a bit in the fridge.


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21 Days of Faith Challenge (A Life of Faith)

Shelley Hitz

Price: FREE

This is pretty much the second time I read this book. After reading chapter 2 it really hit me. I was in a situation just today where I had to have faith God would protect me. He said “Do you trust me?” Of course I do. The book reminded me I had to have faith instead of worry so much. I will for sure put certain scriptures and reminders around my house. If you have any doubts, fears, or worries you must read this book. Its very easy to read and follow. I love every book I’ve read so far of Shelley’s. Each one has taught me so much.

Amanda Penland

Living a Life of Faith: 21 Days of Faith Challenge

Do you want to live a life of faith?
Do you want your faith to be more than simply saying “I believe in God”?
Do you want to have a genuine faith that overflows from a heart that is fully trusting in God in every area of your life?

If so, consider embarking on this 21 Days of Faith Challenge through this short but powerful eBook.

What to Expect On Each Day of the Challenge:

Read the author’s personal stories, struggles and reflections.
Read at least one scripture and one quote about faith.
Apply one personal application step.

Get Encouragement

Along with the 21 day challenge, we also started a private Facebook group to provide a place to share what you are learning and receive encouragement. You will get access to this group as well.

Will you join us?

What about you? Will you consider joining us in this 21 Days of Faith Challenge? Are you ready to surrender your worries and doubts to God?

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The Mexican Food Cookbooks – Quesadillas: 40 Simple and Easy To Make Quesadilla Recipes

J.R. Deschamps

Price: FREE

Your collection of cookbooks, for my Kindle Fire, offers me a large collection to travel with, that I could never carry when I am travelling to friends homes. I love cookbooks, and I can offer a variety of options, without bringing my large collection of recipes and cookbooks!
It is a great way to have recipes to wow many!

Beth Podsobinski

The Perfect Cookbook For Cheese and Tortilla Lovers!

This edition of The Mexican Food Cookbooks explores the world of authentic Mexican Quesadillas with over 40 delicious, very simple and easy to make recipes.

Here are the different types of quesadillas you will cook:

Veggie Quesadillas
Quesadillas with Ham, Bacon or Cold Cuts
Quesadillas with Chorizo
Chicken Quesadillas
Beef Quesadillas
Seafood Quesadillas
Fried Quesadillas

-This cookbook is perfect for your Quesadilla Cravings!


Homemade Tortillas recipes
8 Salsa recipes to spice up your Mexican creations.

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The Art of Money-Getting according to P.T. Barnum (for the 21st century)

Ivo Dias de Sousa (Author), P. T. Barnum (Author)

Price: FREE

A very clever approach to communicating P.T. Barnum’s sound and timeless principles related to both gaining and retaining wealth and being successful in business. Demonstrates the great value of retaining core business and wealth values, especially today as our society can often looks for shortcuts. Interesting to see the differences as well in how society and people’s roles were viewed in Barnum’s time.

Very imaginative idea and well executed. You will benefit from the wisdom provided.


“If you have been thinking for a while about doing something that doesn’t cost much in terms of effort and won’t be the end of the world even if it turns into a failure, then do it.”
P.T. Barnum was a showman, an entertainer and a businessman. Back in 1880 he published a book, Art of Money Getting, where he gave 19th century folks advice on how to make money or, at least, live a financially stable life.
In this fictional book by Portuguese author Ivo Da Sousa, Barnum’s spirit, who’s been watching over humanity from above for the past century, decides to speak to modern individuals and give them a lesson or two on how in today’s times of crisis, they can start their own business and make it grow into a profitable activity.
From how to manage your own finances, and the importance of persevering when following your dreams, to the importance of focusing energy on one specific goal, and ensuring you keep your integrity, this ‘modern version’ of Barnum’s book is an essential guide to understand the real meaning of entrepreneurship and is packed with useful lessons on how to be successful in business.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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