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Encourage Me: 30 Days to Positive Self Talk Through God’s Word

Kimberly Taylor

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This book is exceptional in providing the encouraged needed in order to become more indepth in your spiritual walk with the Lover of Our Soul.

Demetria Mitchell

Encourage Me: 30 Days to Positive Self Talk Through God’s Word is an easy read, but powerful guide that shows you how the bible says you should use your mouth. These words of encouragement also helps you banish negative self talk and feeds your faith. Bible verses are illustrated with beautiful pictures to inspire you and help you see them in a whole new way.

Expect to see God do great things in your life as you start renewing your mind in His word. Get ready to be transformed – and change your life.

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Brain Blaster Capital Cities: A Super Simple System To Remember Capital Cities

Pete Wilton

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Are you ready to blast your brain with capital cities in a quick and easy way?

Learn 20 capital cities so effortlessly you will think you are cheating!

You will be learning capital cities quicker than you will believe with this super simple system. All the work is done for you and you will be learning and blasting your brain as you read.

This system is so effective that you will find it difficult not to remember the capitals taught in this book and you will be learning them in a very short space of time.

In fact this system is so easy you can even use it to teach your children the capitals – in fact most of the capitals within this book were taught to my 5 year old daughter using this very system.

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earthmom’s Guide to EASY, CHEAP and FUN Home Hydroponics 5 projects you can make NOW to get started growing your own food!

Linda Jones

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I just love this book. It definitely inspired me to to grow and regrow in new ways. I have been considering growing inside hydroponically for quite some time. I have been on the fence about how to go about making an affordable hydroponic grow system. I am gonna go with the hydroponic grow bed in this book. It has instructions and pictures. This book has a lot of neat planting ideas. It is well written with easy to understand instructions. It also contains many helpful links. I highly recommend this book to anyone that gardens or wants to garden, especially if you have limited space. You will find many handy ideas in this book without the high price. This book is very enjoyable to read and a great value. Money well spent! Hats off to the author.

L. Warmouth

Learn to grow your own food nearly anyplace with very little money and up to 90% less water! Even off-grid, hydroponics can be used to grow fresh, healthy, living food! Learn through these 5 projects how to REgrow what you currently are throwing away; how to use a non-circulating planter to grow in water; how to build your own hydroponic grow bed; and how to begin growing in containers that have previously been thrown away. This inspirational guide includes links to more information online and makes the process of self-sufficient food growing fun, easy and cheap!

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Low Carb Recipes – The Frugal Low Carb Cookbook

Hillbilly Housewife

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I already know that I will love the low-fat chips recipe (they’re Kale and ) and unlike some recipe books which leave it till the end, she gives detailed tips so you can make the recipes as filing or as simplistic as your taste, budget and local availability allow. Other faves that deserve mention are Savory Eggplant Pate, Creamy Festive Hummus,a crunchy Coleslaw where cucumbers and red peppers flakes provide that “something fresh and crispy vs. spicy” that would make for an unforgettable taste. I know I will also try the Greek Marinaded Chicken Veggie Skewers and the Dijon Almond Chicken (with thighs of course). So get this book, it’s sounds so delicious and has nutritious yet unique twists on old favorites and new dishes so that even if you just like to eat and do not diet at all, you will try out 1 recipe or two.


Mention the word “diet” to a dozen people and you will get a dozen very different reactions and stories, good and bad, on everything from super-foods to starvation.

The popular, and successful, Low Carb Diet is no exception. Even in this one diet, there are many differing opinions. Just about everything is up for debate; good carbs vs bad carbs, good fat vs bad fat, etc. etc.

What can we believe? After all, diets come and go. Is this another fad? The truth is, fad diets disappear for a reason – they don’t work. Well, this is no fad… the Low Carb Diet works! The proof is in the research, and the results.

In this book, I offer a simple guide to understanding the basics of the low carb diet, why it works, and how this diet can easily become a part of even the most frugal household.

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Gift Basket Making in 10 Simple Steps

Denise M. Riley

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For craft-phobes like me, the thought of making a gift basket is right up there with creating frescoes for the Sistine Chapel…but then I wanted to start giving gifts which were personalized and made up of little gifts. Wrapping little gifts of different shapes and sizes proved a pain, so I liked the idea of a gift basket. A friend of mine came across Denise Riley’s book and recommended I read it. I’m so glad I did! It is, as the name suggest ‘simple’ – and I mean this in a positive sense. It is clear, well set out but with enough detail and ideas to make it a little gem. I often thought ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ and that is what I want from such a guide. Denise Riley writes with enthusiasm and warmth and it is infectious! I then made a gift basket for my friend who recently had a baby. I was so proud of my effort and it made me feel great about myself and inspired to create more baskets. I can’t wait to see Denise Riley’s videos. I would have happily paid for this book – it would also make a great gift for friends.

Ella B.

Hello, I’m Denise Riley. “The Gift Basket Lady”
Thank you for your interest in gift basket making. I will share with you how to make incredible gifts that will be remembered and treasured long after they are received. Making a personalized gift basket for someone that you care about is very thoughtful. When you put your heart and soul into making a gift, it means so much more than a store bought one. Once you get started, you won’t be able to stop making incredible gifts for your friends and family. Gift baskets can be made for any occasion and with any budget. I created a 10 step easy to follow guideline to help you understand the process to get you started on making beautiful personalized gift baskets.

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  1. Thought you would like to know. All the links for the gift basket book are taking me to the low carb book. I appreciate your service. Have a great day.