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Write Your Family Story – Leaving a Living Legacy

Judy H. Wright

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Judy Wright was the first instructor we used to teach creative writing for our adult continuing education. She inspired us to meet once a month and develop our stories. Her ideas and inspiration kept our writing group going for over ten years. We even published a book (in it’s second printing) “Kitchen Tales and Family Recipes”, that started with a writing exercise about comfort foods. “Write Your Family Story” can help you begin writing your family stories – if not you? who will?

Kayo Fraser

We all have a lifetime of stories in our memory banks. We have had life lessons that our children and their children will want and need to know. Some of the stories will just provide entertainment or enlightenment. But they will all bridge the gap between generations.

Share these stories with your family, friends and anyone else who will listen;
• What was your favorite breakfast as a child?
• Tell me about your first car?
• What is an adversity you overcame as a child? An adult?
• Where did your parent’s parents come from?
• What is your favorite time of day? Of year? Of life?
• What was your biggest disappointment?
• What did you do that took courage?
• How did you come to your political beliefs?
• What do you consider your biggest success?
• If you could have six words on your tombstone other than name and dates, what would they be?
• What makes you laugh?
• What advice about life would you give a 15 year old?

A comprehensive listing of over fifty methods of writing your history.
This booklet is filled with information, anecdotes, and examples to assist historians, journalists, instructors, or writers in clarifying which methods will best suit their purposes.

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Chlorella: Myths, Risks and Benefits (The Super Foods Guides)

Glenda Keal

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If you’re one who likes to take advantage of what nature has to offer, and prefers to get optimal nutrition out of food intake, rather than supplementing, you’ve probably done a lot of googling/researching about super foods, and the like. (And have been told a whole lot of rubbish a long the way.) I found this book particularly helpful because it didn’t try to sell me some miracle solution… Instead it gave me facts and enough information for me to make my own informed choices. Highly recommend to anyone that seeks maximum benefit from their diet!

Nicole Fahey

Chlorella is an ancient super-food that is prized for its ability to prevent cancer, assist in supporting liver and eye health, slow aging, support accurate DNA replication and support or cure a myriad of other conditions.

It is also highly valued for its nutritional profile. It contains all of the essential amino acids, a significant range of vitamins including Vitamin B12, a wealth of phyto-chemicals and Chlorella Growth Factor. These are just some of the benefits of Chlorella.

Because it has many and varied health benefits it appears that some mythology that has developed around it.

Chlorella vulgaris is held up as one of the most powerful foods on the planet but there are other things that you need to know. There are a variety of chlorella supplements on the market and some are better than others. Some supplements might even compromise your heath.

This is what you will find covered in this book

• Chlorella nutrition including vitamins with special emphasis on vitamin B12
• How you should approach vitamin B12 if you are vegan
• How Chlorella benefits your health and wellness
• If a Chlorella detox is an effective detoxification method
• Whether you really need to consume broken cell wall chlorella
• Chlorella Growth Factor and its anti aging properties
• Disease states for which Chlorella benefits are claimed
• How well the research supports the claims
• Chlorella side effects and things that you need to be aware about

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The Ultimate Guide for Mothers of Sons: A Loving and Exciting Approach to Understanding Your Role, Their Unique Needs and Rocking it Out as a Single Parent!

Marie Alexander

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As a single mother of two small boys, there are so many concerns I have. First of all parenting itself it insane! Add doing it alone, then trying to parent a child of the opposite sex. This book truly was a source of comfort with valuable information for fostering the relationships between my sons and I which is ultimately all that matters. I’m feeling a lot better about my situation now and I feel I can take this role to the next level!

Carrie L

Single parenting can be a challenging journey through life—but a rewarding one as well! Single women everywhere can relate to the struggles and triumphs of teaching boys to become productive, respectful, and successful young men!

In this book we will take it a step further and engage in a real discussion about what you should do to establish a strong network of resources and a solid foundation for you and your child to succeed and have true happiness.
Through these words you will learn about:

* Ensuring a Successful and Loving Relationship with Your Son
* Different Stages of Development
* Nurturing Specific Needs
* Accessing Resources
* Taking Care of Yourself

Through these words you will find the encouragement that you need to realize that you are a terrific parent! Allow yourself to see the beauty in your life along with the challenges by engaging in your child’s development and celebrating those accomplishments together!

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How to Search for Your Ancestors and Climb Your Family Tree

Trina Boice

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Have you ever wondered who is hiding in the branches of your family tree? Is there a U.S. president or a notorious outlaw tucked away behind the leaves? Climbing Family Trees makes it easy for you to find out!

Family history research has become a phenomenon across the world. The Internet has become a powerful tool in helping people find their ancestors as well as reaching living family members. Twenty wonderful chapters will guide and inspire you in:

Digging for your roots
Barking up the right tree
Grabbing the best branch
Going out on a limb
Tasting the fruits of your efforts

Filled with tons of how-to tips, this fun book also includes inspiring true stories from people around the world who have felt the guiding spirit of their ancestors lead them to information they were searching for.

Don’t wait another minute to discover your family’s past and the fascinating stories that await you!

Learn how to research your ancestors on the Internet and use online tools, such as and, as well as discover hundreds of genealogy web sites that offer free information. You’ll learn how to find census reports, military records, birth and death records, marriage certificates, social security index, archives, and even adoption records.

You’ll also learn about popular family history software and what to do with gedcom files. Whatever your surname, you’ll read about lots of fun ways to celebrate your roots and honor your heritage at family reunions, family gatherings, online, through letters and photos and more.

What is your family crest? Learn how to research it or design your own! You’ll read dozens of fun ideas on how to continue or create family traditions in the kitchen, with artwork, heirloom items, and photographs.

You don’t have to be a professional genealogist to research your family’s history. Discover dozens of free resources and how to access library archives to find your grandparents’ records. You’ll also learn how to identify a second cousin once removed or what to call the cousins of your aunts and uncles or other distant relatives.

The most touching part of the book is the wonderful variety of true stories from regular people like you who had quite amazing experiences while searching for their relatives, both living and dead. Enjoy!

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57 Minutes: All That Stands Between You And a Better Life

Mike Jackson, Pierre Lever

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This text promises to be a short, effective and honest guide to help make the reader’s life more fulfilling. It delivers just that. The book will take you only about an hour to get through, yet it packs an abundance of practical advice. There’s no filler, no preaching, no “inspirational” bla-bla–just down-to-earth suggestions on how to make the most of your day, your career, and in the end, your life. Since my first-time read two months ago, I’ve found myself going back again several times to reread chapters and reflect on how I might put in practice some of the suggestions that I think are right for me. Recommendable!

Ivar Slengesol

57 Minutes: All That Stands Between You And a Better Life is the definitive short guide to a more fulfilling life.

What makes 57 Minutes so different is that it takes less than an hour to read from cover to cover and is full of powerful ideas that anyone can put into practice. It dispenses with complex analyses and psycho babble, relying instead on common sense and personal examples. As the authors say in their introduction “This is a book about doing and it is packed with recommendations that work”.

The book answers important questions that lie at the heart of sustainable life improvement. Why experiences provide deeper satisfaction than possessions. How to prevent life goals from fading into obscurity. How to break the monotony of repetitive living. Why quitting is sometimes the right thing to do. And many others.

Few books fit so much insight into such a small space.

The authors, Pierre and Mike, are not psychologists or professional writers but they have successfully applied every principle from 57 Minutes in their own lives and have inspired many others to do the same.

57 Minutes combines their experiences with the findings from hundreds of hours of reading to provide you with the perfect introduction to living a more fulfilling life.

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