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Why Trust Jesus?: An Honest Look at Doubts, Plans, Hurts, Desires, Gripes, Questions, and Pleasures

Dave Sterrett

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“Why Trust Jesus?” provides incredible scientific and historical evidence to prove that Jesus’ claims on earth were true. As a fan of apologetics, I believe that Sterrett’s arguments in “Why Trust Jesus?” are some of the easiest and most interesting to follow. Each chapter is logically organized to address different struggles in trusting Jesus. His personal stories and touches of humor make the book very memorable! He ensures that readers remember important facts by providing concise bulleted lists that sum up his conclusions. I highly recommend this book to both non-Christians and Christians because it is so well researched. 1 Peter 3:15 says “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” Sterrett effectively provides the evidence to defend the Christian faith in “Why Trust Jesus?”. This book is a purchase you won’t regret!

Melissa K.

The last decade has shaken our trust in personal safety through terrorist attacks, school shootings, economic turmoil, and war. Our trust has been shattered in other areas as we have seen hypocrisy in governmental leaders as well as in the church.

We are looking for relationships that are authentic and full of life, but we have many questions in regard to faith, reason, suffering and even the person of Jesus himself. Author and speaker Dave Sterrett helps us answer these and other questions:

-Why Should I Trust Jesus when So Many Other Spiritual Paths Exist?
The foundation of trusting in Jesus is that he is true. But if absolute truth does not exist, then to say that “Jesus is the Truth” is a meaningless statement. Many definitions of truth fail, but a good definition of truth is “that which corresponds to reality”; simply put, truth is “telling it like it is.”

-Why Should I Trust Jesus When All I Need to do is Trust Myself?
Human knowledge is real, but it has its limitations. Jesus, however, is all-knowing. He knows everything about me. He knows everything about you. He knows what you are thinking. He knows what you are feeling. He understands you better than you understand yourself! This is one of the many good reasons for us to pray to the Father in the name of the Son.

-Why Should I Trust Jesus in the Midst of Suffering and Death?
The ultimate foundation of Christianity is a historical event: the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. A man who walked this earth in history claimed to be God, died on the cross, and bodily rose from the dead.

Many people in today’s culture, both Christians and non-Christians, have questions about why and how to trust Jesus. But there is hope! He is worthy of our trust.

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Raising Godly Kids (Let’s Get Real)

Carey Scott

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Always a great read from Carey… straight from the heart – spot on truth – relatable and inspirational! So excited for this book to be published – a great mom inspiring others to intentionally pour into their children! Motivating parents to seek Jesus in all aspects of parenting!

Amanda Barnes

Anyone can be a parent, but being a Godly parent takes intentionality. Of all the people in the world, God chose you to raise your children. He trusts you to love them… teach them… and pray for them. The devotions in this book will help you in your journey to raise kids who love God and see Him in their everyday lives.

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The Art of Perfect Bread Baking (Delicious Recipes)

June Kessler

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Great Recipes and Complete steps to help anyone bake perfect bread: Yep; there is a lot of reading to do before you get to the delicious recipes, This book is all a new baker like me needs, an experienced baker can just skip the introduction. I have baked the enriched rolls. and the basic bread, they turned out perfect the first time, I have also started my sour dough starter. 1 Cant wait to make my first sourdough bread. This book has given me the confidence I needed to get started. Great book I recommend this book to any one interested in baking their own bread. even if you are an experienced baker.

Joanna Brown

Making bread requires little more than your hands, an oven and patience. The recipe for success is simple; time and warmth are all it takes to transform a few basic ingredients into springy silky dough that bakes to a crackly, crusted loaf. It is like most things- easy when you know how, with practice making perfect. If we had to choose one single phrase that I feel is essential to bread making, it would be this; bread is alive, growing entity and, the product of it’s ingredients and surroundings; it responds to its environment- “treat the rising dough as if it were alive’’ While we advocate the use of scales, warmers and thermometers, remember that observation is the baker’s traditional tool. The more you make bread, the better your bread will be.
Essential Ingredients and Techniques
Flour is the main ingredients of most bread, accounting for about three-quarters of the finished loaf. The flour you choose will give your bread its individual character. The choice of flour affects not only the quality of the baked bread but also the bread baking process , Flour will absorb more, or less, liquid depending on the verity of wheat that it was made from, the place were it was harvested, and the way in which it was milled. Such variables are compounded by the humidity in the air – on a damp day, flour will adsorb less liquid than on a dry day. The quantities of liquid given in the recipe can never be more than guidelines. Our mixing technique suggests that you hold back a proportion of liquid and add as needed. The method acts as a safeguard against overly wet dough and the consequent need to add extra flour; which upsets the balance among flour, salt and yeast. If you require a little more liquid than stated in the recipe, do not hesitate to add it; your aim is to produce dough conforming to the consistency specified in the recipe, be it firm, soft or wet. Observing; and understanding the condition of your dough, and what it requires, is the key to successful bread baking.

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Secrets of Professional Organizers Volume 1: Leading Experts Talk About Chronic Disorganization & Hoarding

Donna Smallin Kuper

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I am reading this book and am thrilled with the excellent tips and advice for getting organized. It has motivated me more than any other books that I’ve read on organizing. I am so happy I downloaded it and will definitely recommend it to everyone. Thank you for writing this very informative and interesting book.

Cher David

Bestselling Author Donna Smallin Kuper has done it again in this compilation of candid conversations with leading professional organizers who offer help – and hope.

The seven experts featured in this book include award-winning professional organizers, sought-after consultants, organizer coaches and trainers, international speakers, authors, and a frequent guest consultant on A & E’s Hoarders. They are some of the most highly certified and well-respected industry practitioners, many of whom are pioneers in chronic disorganization and hoarding.

Is this book for you? The answer is YES if any of the following statements are true:

• You have been struggling with disorganization for a long time.
• You keep acquiring things and can’t bear to part with anything.
• Someone you love is struggling with chronic disorganization or hoarding.
• You’ve tried to get organized, but failed time after time.
• You find standard organizing systems (like filing systems) difficult to maintain.
• The tips you read in organizing magazines never seem to work for you.
• You feel like there is some kind of short circuit in your brain when it comes to getting organized.
• You’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, depression, dementia, or other mental challenge.
• You are a senior and you need to downsize a lifetime of acquisitions.
• You want to have a healthier relationship with your “stuff.”

Whatever your issue, you are not alone. The professional organizers in this book offer helpful and compassionate insights and strategies that can improve your quality of life and mend your self-esteem. Like Geralin Thomas says in Chapter 3, “Being chronically disorganized doesn’t make you a bad person.”

Written in an interview format, Secrets of Professional Organizers was compiled from interviews conducted, recorded, and transcribed between November 2012 and January 2013. This landmark book is the first in a series of three volumes:

Volume 1: Chronic Disorganization & Hoarding
Volume 2: Productivity & Work-Life Balance (To Be Published April 2013)
Volume 3: Decluttering, Organizing & Simplifying Life (To Be Published May 2013)

In reading the pages of this book, you will learn how getting organized isn’t just about clearing clutter or cleaning up. It’s about improving the quality of your life and perhaps even your health and safety. And yes, that’s possible for anyone, including you.

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Get Out of Debt Like the Debt Heroes: How 21 Ordinary People Paid Off Over $1.7 Million in Debt

Ben Edwards, Jeff Rose

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I’ve been around debt (personally and professionally) for years now – and the longer I’m in the industry – the more I realize how much motivation plays a role in people’s journey to turn around their financial life. Ben & Jeff have done a great job of compiling a wide variety of stories – with people from different circumstances. When Courtney and I started, it was stories just like this, blogs, and books with case study that gave us that initial spark to get the ball rolling. Our life hasn’t been the same since.

Adam Baker

Are you tired of feeling guilty about being in debt?

If nothing you’ve tried to pay off your debt has worked, you are not alone.

We all have weaknesses that make it easy to get into debt and hard to get out. Don’t beat yourself up because a popular 12-step debt pay off plan didn’t work for you.

Getting out of debt is hard enough, you don’t need someone to judge you. What if instead you had a hero to inspire you!

Meet the Debt Heroes
Although you may feel alone you’ll discover in the Debt Heroes book that even successful personal finance authors like Lynnette Khalfani-Cox and Mary Hunt once struggled with massive debt.

Not only does the book explain the weaknesses that led these amazing ladies and 19 other Debt Heroes into debt, it also reveals the personal strengths they used to collectively pay off over $1.7 million dollars in debt.

As you read through the profiles of these amazing people you’ll also be walked through the stages of your own journey to pay off debt. When you’re done with the Debt Heroes book you’ll have:

A clear view of why you got into debt.
Examples of how others got out of large amounts of debt.
A list of tools to pay off what you owe.
Discovered your super power for getting out of debt.

The book finishes with a summary of real life debt lessons, based on the success stories of the Debt Heroes:

6 Ways You Could End Up in Debt
6 Ways You Can Pay Off Debt

To help get you on the road to debt reduction right away the final section of the book is the Debt Relief Kick Start. You’re given specific steps you can take today to start paying down your debt.

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