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Journey to Grace (Journey Series)

Tina Klinesmith

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I gave Journey To Grace five stars because I was pleasantly surprised by the twist on what I thought was going to be another happily ever after type of story. Journey to Grace gives you a look into the life of Michele, who went from living a dark, lonely past to being given a second chance and finding love with the man who took her off the streets whom she eventually marries, but her past comes back to haunt her just as her wedding approaches. The author gets you in Michele’s and her husbands shoes and lets you see how they struggle with raising a baby (who is born with some disabilities due to Michele’s past substance abuse), dealing with a relapse with alcohol and pain killers, feeling doubts about themselves and one another and whether they made the right choice, then finding strenghth together and moving forward. He husband is amazing and loves her regardless of her past, and helps her move on and treasures her baby as if it were his own. Michele can’t believe she’s been given such amazing gifts even after all she’s done. Her husband see’s the beautiful, loving, giving woman that Michele is and feels so blessed, and grateful she came into his lonely life and gave his so much to live for. Life isn’t perfect and that is what the author gives you in this book. We all have our struggles, strengths, short comings, guilt, peaks of joy and valleys of doubt and the author did an excellent job of showing all of these human emotions. Wether you have, had or know someone who has struggled with just about anything you can relate to this book and it’s characters. If you’re looking for a book about “real” life romance then you’ve found it. This book was awesome. It exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait for future books in the Journey series. Tina Klinesmith does it again!


Michele Ramirez has been through a lot over the past nine months but her life finally seems to be on the right track. Until the consequences of her past mistakes begin to take a toll on her new family.

Haunted by regret and guilt, Michele is unsure how to reconcile her past with the woman she is trying to become. Can she live with the mistakes she has made or will the past destroy the future she is trying to build with David and her child.

This is the second book of the Journey series but can be read as a stand-alone.

***A portion of all proceeds from this book will benefit Celebrate Recovery***

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