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Past Forward, Episode 7

Chautona Havig

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The holidays are upon Willow; the first without Mother. With the warmth of the Tesdall’s celebrations and Chad’s friendship, Willow gets her heart ready for Christmas. Will the sage advice from his father and cousin Luke open Chad’s eyes to…well, you just read it and see. EXCELLENT Episode.

Barbara D. Haropolous

Past Forward is a serial novel released weekly on Kindle.

Alone without friends or family to comfort her after the death of her mother, Willow Finley’s idyllic life is over—and just beginning.

When Willow Finley awakes on a hot summer morning, she is unprepared for the grief that awaits her. Jerked from a life of isolation with her mother, Willow learns what alone really means when she finds her mother still in her bed, never to awaken again in this life.

From the moment Willow arrives in the police station with her startling announcement, Chad Tesdall fights the friendship he knows he can’t avoid.

In this episode, Chad discovers a way to help Willow deal with her grief, while Willow experiences her all-American Thanksgiving. While she makes plans to reconnect with her grandparents, Chad connects even deeper with the beauty that is her life.

Warning: Here We Come spoilers in this episode.

Follow as Willow’s story unfolds past forward.

Released weekly as a serial novel.

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Beside Two Rivers: Daughters of the Potomac #2

Rita Gerlach

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Loved this book! Rita wrote about parts of the world I will never see, but I could actually visualize the scenes in my mind by the descriptions! I enjoy history, so that also was interesting to me. I was captivated with the characters right from the beginning, and couldn’t wait to get to the end of the book to see if the story turned out as I had hoped it would with the blooming romance. Anxious for book 3!


A tale of love won and love lost, and the faith to find it again.
From the banks of the Potomac to the misty moors of England, Darcy follows a path where the secrets of the past slowly rise to the surface in this dramatic saga that began in Before the Scarlet Dawn. She meets Ethan Brennan, an aspiring English horse breeder, who embraces her independent spirit and marvels at the simplicity of her faith. Ethan and Darcy fall in love, but are kept apart by a promise to another and a sworn oath to a dying woman whose long-hidden secret threatens Darcy’s and Ethan’s lives.

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Rock and A Hard Place (Cascade Brides Series)

Bonnie Blythe

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I enjoyed this book from front to end. I am amazed at how the author addresses what Christians struggle with, this is the reason I love her books. This is a must read.


Book 1. The Three Sisters Mountains are part of the Cascade Mountain Range near the town of Sisters, Oregon. The peaks were named Faith, Hope, and Charity by early settlers. In the Cascade Brides series, three estranged siblings named for the mountains, each in the far-flung reaches of the state, are drawn back to their childhood home in Sisters by men who ultimately help the siblings realize the blessings of family bonds.

In Rock And A Hard Place, Faith Conrad is used to striving. After more or less raising her twin sisters because of an absent father and ailing mother, she knows the meaning of responsibility. She had to drop out of high school to pay the bills, hamstringing her future. When handsome Bureau of Land Management ranger Shane Zadopec rescues her from a rock climb gone wrong and reveals that he’s a photographer too, she feels threatened and rebuffs his attempts to get close. Will she ever picture them together? (Christian romance)

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