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Prairie (Journey of Dreams)

Chautona Havig

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While this story is a little different than some of Chautina Havig’s other works, I was still totally drawn in and finished in an afternoon.

Sherri Tharpe

Jessa Davidson enjoyed a lifelong fascination and desire for life on the prairie. However, she never expected that fascination to become reality. A far cry from her apartment in Pittsburgh, the world of Prairie is more than just a change in geography–it’s a change of life. In Prairie, Jessa examines the innermost parts of her soul and discovers desires she never knew she had.

From the moment she awoke, transported from the cold Pennsylvania winter, on the sunbathed summer prairie, she knew her life would never be the same.

The people of Prairie welcomed her and accepted her–almost without question, but so much of her life changed in that moment–her hopes, dreams, values, and the absolutes of things like time–that she feared accepting her new life as reality.

Is Prairie the dreams of her life come true–or her worst nightmare> Is it real? Is it permanent? Or will she awake to discover that she’s lost her mind–or worse, her life?

And the biggest question on Jessa’s heart? Does she care?

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