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I Love Baby Animals – Fun Children’s Picture Book with Amazing Photos of Baby Animals

David Chuka

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What do you call a book that teaches children of all ages the names of animals? I call that “What Do You Call A Baby Lion”.
This book is very well laid out. The photos are colorful an the book is easy to understand. For the young and the young at heart.
I highly recommend,a must buy for those with young children.

Richard Porter

Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers’ Favorite

“I Love Baby Animals (formerly titled ‘What Do You Call a Baby Lion?’)” by David Chuka is a children’s book which may be of more interest to the adult reading it, at least at first, than to the child to whom he is reading it. It starts with a young boy stating that his mom just had a new baby, so he wondered what different animals called their babies.

If your interest has been piqued, you should pick up a copy of this little book. The photography alone is worth the price, as it is of exceptional quality for a children’s book. The text is very minimal, with your child’s interest maintained by the pictures and the sometimes funny sounding baby names. This would be a good book in which you read all the baby names the first time through, then gradually drop out a few at a time and urge your child to recall the names. It could prove to be very educational, as well as helpful to develop a good memory in your child. The author did a very competent job of researching the information in this book, and it is sure to bring many hours of entertainment to both you and your child.

It has got my whole-hearted recommendation!

Diana M. Hockley
David Chuka has crafted an excellent educational tool for small children. I enjoyed the way he “cartooned” the question and then put an endearing picture of the baby on the next page. I especially loved the hedgehog.

Dr. Leland D. Benton
I am familiar with this author since I buy everything he publishes. He puts on good books and offers children some pretty nice entertainment coupled with education. This book is most definitely worth your time and investment.

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Pandas! A Kids Book About Panda Bears – Facts, Figures and High Quality Pictures of Animals in Nature (Big Kids Books)

Maya Lee Shye

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This is a truly great book for parents and children to read. Great detail and wonderful pics. Very easy for children to understand.

Ms Mikki 420

Children are always delighted and intrigued by images of Giant Pandas, especially the cubs. Vibrant photographs and clear, concise information will inform and entice young children to want to read and learn more.

This book is suitable for quite young readers as the text is simple, but not simplistic. It will stimulate and challenge children with descriptions of the way Pandas live in the wild and why so many are in captivity. Readers will identify with the bonds between mother Pandas and their young.

In an emotionally engaging manner, the plight of Pandas in the wild is explained with the use of non-alarmist language that will raise environmental consciousness even in the very young. Kids will enjoy reading about an animal that spends most of its time in the wild just eating and seeming quite lazy. The necessity of these behaviors is explained.

Providing an understanding of the natural habitat of these animals, this book will clarify for children some of the importance of the relationship between the environment and the animals in it. Having an overly specialized diet and a diminishing habitat are problems for the Panda that are delineated in ways that are comprehensible to the young reader.

Children will delight in seeing a Panda cub having its tummy rubbed by its mother to aid its digestion, and they will laugh at Pandas that sleep and rest on tree limbs. Some of the reasons that it is hard to increase the birth rate for the Giant Panda are explained in age-appropriate language that will not offend parents or cause confusion or discomfort to the child reader.

Light-hearted and fun, this book also gives the young reader an appreciation and some grasp of the need and efforts to conserve the Giant Panda as well as other animals that are at risk. Without a moralizing tone, this book can imbue the reader with heightened awareness about the relationship between animals and the environment.

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Frogs! A Kids Book About Frogs and Toads – Facts, Figures and High Quality Pictures of Animals in Nature (Big Kids Books)

Maya Lee Shye

Price: FREE

My eight year old loved this book! She read it to her three year old brother and he was fascinated, I loved watching their animated conversation about the book when they finished it.


Maya Lee Shye’s latest book is all about — frogs!

“Frogs! A Kids Book about Frogs – Facts, Figures and High Quality Pictures of Animals in Nature” is filled with incredibly vivid photos of a wide variety of frogs as well as colorful illustrations which are supplemented by interesting explanations about these amazing amphibian creatures.

Endowed with minimal text that is easy to read and understand, this is a nonfiction book that is appropriately intended for young readers who already know how to read on their own, for parents who will read it to their children or for grandparents reading to their grandchildren. In any case, this book will be undoubted enjoyed by individuals of all ages.

Now available at the Amazon Kindle Store and conveniently downloadable to Kindles, iPads, PCs and other tablet devices, this ebook can serve as an effective teaching tool that imparts great information about frogs while also providing a great learning experience.

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