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Why Are Turtles So Crazy Awesome? (BrainPower! Books)

Mary and Stewart Hill

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I checked out this title based on the cover alone. The picture of the turtle doing a disco pose is priceless. Filled with great pictures, this is great for children as well as adults who enjoy a whimsical view of turtles, tons of fun.

Brian Barber

Did you know that turtles have been around since the time of dinosaurs? Or that pictures of turtles have been found on ancient cave walls? Have you ever seen a turtle that protects itself by being so stinky that other animals don’t try to eat it? What about the turtle that uses a flap in its mouth as a fishing lure?

Find out about these turtles and more in WHY ARE TURTLES SO CRAZY AWESOME?

Over 40 pages with many amazing photos of turtles in action!


Kids of all ages will love learning about the world through BrainPower! Books. This engaging series of ebooks are perfect for reading aloud to younger children, or for developing readers to tackle on their own. Filled with great pictures and interesting facts, BrainPower! Books help young explorers take off with reading.

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Mary Hill is an award-winning writer and the former director of a regional history museum. Her husband Stewart Hill is a paleobiologist who has collected fossils as far north as the arctic circle. He is also the former director of a nationally accredited science museum and learning center.

Both Mary and Stewart are longtime educators and nature enthusiasts. They live in an old house in the country with four children, two cats, and a huge, huggable dog. They are not turtle experts, but they are turtle lovers, and they frequently welcome Eastern Box Turtles as house guests.

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Six Birds Book

Michael Wills

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My niece is learning to read now and has an obsession with animals so when I saw this book I know it would be one that she would enjoy. The book is a good read for children somewhere around the age of 2 to 5. It is really simple and fun read with lots of nice pictures that look great on my PC and kindle fire. Also the text is included on the page with illustration which I find is really important when trying to get kids interested in read. Overall a great read for young children and worth checking out.

J. Hollister

With its bright, bold illustrations, simple language and sweet story the Six Birds Book is the perfect introduction to e-books for babies and young children. It is ideal for little ones who are fascinated by mom and dad’s Kindles and iPads – and is just right to read together or alone.

For Your Family

Introducing us to six extremely busy birds, the Six Birds Book is the combined work of author, publisher (and stinky dad!) Michael Wills and his two young daughters, Charlotte and Ivy. The Six Birds Book is available exclusively as a downloadable e-book for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Young children will delight in looking at the colorful cartoon-like illustrations of birds doing everyday chores and activities: everything from cooking and cleaning to exercising and partying. The characters are playful, fun and eye-catching and the story humorous, engaging and memorable. The book gives plenty of opportunities to strike up an interesting chat with your child, as well as counting the six (or sometimes seven) cheerful birds on each page and so working on numeracy.

Babies will enjoy gazing at the colors, toddlers will love remembering and reciting the text whilst older kids will take pleasure in reading the story for themselves. And of course everyone – parents and children – will benefit from cuddling up, spending time and reading together.

The Six Birds Book will have your little ones spotting different details every time they read the story and will have them shouting “again, again!”
To quote the Six Birds Book, this story is “fun, fun, fun!”

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how to draw dinosaurs for kids (how to draw comics and cartoon characters)

Amit Offir

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A unique mini drawing book of the well known comics artist Amit Offir that will teach you how to draw all the dinosaurs from the cover drawing.

This book contains 10 pages!
In every page you will learn to draw a different dinosaur step by step.

This drawing book is a great little book that will teach you how to draw the dinosaurs in the most efficient drawing technique to get great results in a short time.

The author and illustrator Amit Offir will teach you how to draw and succeed in a short time even if you don’t know how to draw at all!

Everybody can draw and now you can too!
A unique technique that will give you great drawing tools and lead you to success.

Recommended for age 6 and all ages (for adults that want how to draw easily also).

In this book you will learn how to draw cartoon characters and comic
figures that will help you to draw anything you like in the subject.

this is a practical guide for anyone that love drawing and illustrating

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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