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JACKSON'S PLAN Perseverance Children's Picture Book (Fully Illustrated Version)

JACKSON’S PLAN Perseverance Children’s Picture Book (Fully Illustrated Version)

Linda Talley (Author), Andra Chase (Illustrator)

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This book is a great book for kids. It is very educational. I would recommend this book to anyone with children.



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Fully Illustrated Version

Picture Book for reading with the younger child – ages 3-6

This version of JACKSON’S PLAN includes all the luminous illustrations just waiting to enchant children of any age, and especially the read-to set.

If the text-only version is better for your needs, then please click on JACKSON’S PLAN in the Text-Only Version for the serious young reader – ages 6-9.

Happy reading in either Version.


Visit the Okefenokee for a lesson in pursuing goals.

The Okefenokee Swamp is home to water lilies and alligators, cinnamon ferns and coachwhip snakes, swamp iris and purple gallinules. It is also home to a green treefrog named Jackson, who has learned that a new brochure is being prepared to draw tourists to the famed wildlife refuge and all its beautiful and beastly inhabitants.

Jackson is determined that the diminutive treefrogs will not be left out, and he has a plan.

Author Linda Talley’s story tells a comic tale of perseverance in the face of obstacles. It takes Jackson on a madcap photo shoot that is also a tour of the three habitats of Okefenokee-the swampy woods, the piney woods, and the sun-drenched marshlands-all captured by artist Andra Chase in glowing watercolor illustrations.

Not all problems have easy or speedy solutions. The persistent Jackson demonstrates for young people the rewards of making a plan and sticking with it.

A SURPRISE and added bonus is the “Enrichment Information” which includes lots of facts about The flora and fauna of The Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia, such as the Pine Trees, the Pileated Woodpecker, the Green Treefrog, the Coachwhip Snake, the Pitcher Plant, the Water Lily, the Purple Gallinule, the Spanish Moss, the Baldcypress, the Alligator, the Florida Cooters…and the People in the Okefenokee. This is fascinating detail that did not make it into the story itself, but is very rich in interesting description.

A second big plus is the “Letter to Parents and Educators” which includes many relevant questions and comments to facilitate conversation with young readers about the message of the story…the value of perseverance. So even though on the surface this is just an engaging story for children, it is also truly helpful in a real way.


If you are tired of bullying, teasing, youth violence, gangs, vandalism, drug abuse, sexual misconduct…

If you are tired of the crisis with our older youth…

If you want to help make a difference one tiny step at a time…

Then this is the eBook for your children ages 3-9.

Read WITH your children and grandchildren, discuss the concept and message…

and know that you are part of the movement sweeping America to bring back our important values by restoring character education in our homes and schools.

(signed) The Thoughtful Parent

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KiteReaders Classics - The Tale of Peter Rabbit

KiteReaders Classics – The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Beatrix Potter (Author, Illustrator), Kite Readers (Illustrator)

Price: FREE

My granddaughter loves to read every time she comes over. It’s one of the first things she asks to do. Read this story to me.


Beatrix Potter’s classic picture book sees new life in this fixed layout eBook version, that renders the original illustrations & text in the fixed layout format preserving the original book design and layout .

The story follows Peter Rabbit. Peter disobeys his mother’s orders and sneaks into Mr. McGregor’s garden, eating as many vegetables as he can before Mr. McGregor spots him and chases him about. Peter manages to escape, but not before losing his jacket and shoes, which Mr. McGregor uses to dress a scarecrow. Peter returns home weary and ill and is put to bed with a dose of camomile tea.

* Ages 3-6.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Millicent Marie Is Not My Name

Millicent Marie Is Not My Name

Karen Pokras Toz

Price: FREE

This amazing book cuts to the heart of bullying: Scared and insecure kids hurting other scared and insecure kids to try to make themselves feel better. This is a book that kids will enjoy and identify with, but it’s not too juvenile for parents to read. This would be a great book to read together to start a discussion about bullying and treating others the way you would like to be treated.

A. Chambers

From the Award Winning Author of the Nate Rocks Books:

Twelve-year-old Millicent Marie does not like her name. After all, she was named for a woman who died more than fifty years ago and was not the most loveable member of the Harris family. Her friends call her Millie, but when she writes in her diary she refers to herself as Amanda – the name she always wished she had.

When Millie’s younger brother finds her diary on her computer, he decides to publish it as a blog for the entire world to see, including the boy Millie has a crush on. In the midst of all the mayhem, Millie/Amanda discovers she is suddenly Springside Elementary’s most sought after sixth-grade mystery gossip and advice columnist.

But not all is fun and games, as Millie quickly learns, once she realizes feelings are at stake. Nobody, least of all Millie, expects things to turn out as they do in this tale of friendship and respect.

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Super Secret Birthday Party (A Beautifully Illustrated Children's Picture Book; Perfect Bedtime Story)

Super Secret Birthday Party (A Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Picture Book; Perfect Bedtime Story)

Beáta Noémi Bálint (Author, Illustrator)

Price: FREE

This is a lovely upbeat story that ends with a party! LOTS of great looking dogs – of course it is best viewed on a tablet or laptop that allows the great illustrations to be seen in colour. Children would love this story if they like birthdays and dogs!

Petrea Andersen

”Invitation for You.

You are invited to Piggy’s Super Secret Birthday Party!

Shhhhhh!…. It is a Super Secret Birthday Party!

‘’Yeeeeeeeees, today is my Birthday!’’

Big day, fun day, Paw print on my cake day !!!

Blue cake, pink cake, Happy …Happy Birthday!!!

”Do you know what day is today?”

”Yes, today is a hard working day!”

No big day, no fun day, no paw print on my cake day!!!

No blue cake, no pink cake, no Happy…Happy Birthday!!!

“Yes, today is a hard working day.”

So…you’re invited to Piggy’s Super Secret Birthday Party. What we will need?

Round cake, cupcake…
Yummy-yummy pink cake,
Blue cake, brown cake..
Itsy bitsy bone cake!

A beautiful illustrated book made especially for ebook readers.
This is a wonderful bedtime book for children who love dogs.
The story has beautiful illustrations of dogs and all kind of cakes.
Parents and babies will delight in the funny rhymes that will make them laugh.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Not Just a Princess (A Mia Book)

Not Just a Princess (A Mia Book)

Mary Lee

Price: FREE

What a delightful story about a little girl wanting to be more than just a princess. I would recommend this book to any child!


Mia is a sweet little girl with a big imagination. She has lots of fun playing pirate, having tea with a mermaid and flying with rainbow-swans. In this adventure filled story, a girl has no limit on what she can be.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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