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You Can't Lend a Friend: (but you can lend this book!) (Laura Lu's Life)

You Can’t Lend a Friend: (but you can lend this book!) (Laura Lu’s Life)

Tim Whitney (Author), Easter Joyce Diaz (Illustrator)

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The title is adorable, the art unique and the layout fun. My 4 year old enjoyed it and commented, “I’d like to share the message with our neighbors.”


Age Level: 4 and up | Grade Level: K and up

Join Little Laura Lu Shrew as she learns the value of friendship in this classic rhyming tale. Laura Lu learns that friendship is as valuable as gold. This amazingly colorful book is sweet and perfect as an early reader and a bedtime story. Your children will want to read it over and over and the amazing artwork reveals more detail with each and every read. Lend to the book to others and perhaps you will find a new friend as well!

Fun Fact: Laura’s last name Lu is taken from the texting version of Love You (lu).

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Raindrop's World

Raindrop’s World

Carl Pettit

Price: FREE

My six year old son thought it was really great and the other children liked it as well. We had lots of fun researching the amazon and rainforest creatures after reading it. They are anxious to see more from these characters. Personally I liked it too, especially Little Clay.

It’s the Caffeine

Raindrop’s World is a collection of illustrated vignettes that come together as a whole story. The individual stories, which include The Imaginary Armadillo, Raindrop and the Kapok Tree, The Beetle and the Tree Frog, and The Explorer’s New Home, tell the tale of two leafcutter ants and one very determined little beetle venturing out into the Amazonian Rainforest. They’re searching for an extremely old, and wise tree frog. Raindrop, the tenacious ant in charge of the expedition, urges her friends on. She has a long list of questions that she wants to ask this tree-dwelling amphibian, but with the onset of night, she might be disappointed. It’s up to Little Clay, the lone beetle among the ants, to carry on and find this enigmatic frog. When at last he does, the advice he gets isn’t what he’d expected at all.

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Animal Mothers And Babies (Rhyming Children's Picture Book)

Animal Mothers And Babies (Rhyming Children’s Picture Book)

Linda Groves

Price: FREE

I shared this book with my preschool friends. They loved the photograghs and it helped engage conversation about all animals and their babies. We enjoyed this one!

Michele Angelo

Animal Mothers And Babies is a fun rhyming book that children will enjoy reading over and over again. The book uses colorful real life pictures of baby animals and their mothers. There are 24 different animals that are recognized throughout this book that children will learn about.

Note: To see a few pictures in this book, please click the “Customer Images” link above.

Sample Book Content:

A mother dolphin and her calf sail across the sea.
When they swim together, they’re as happy as can be.

Five fluffy kittens are having their lunch.
Mother cat purrs because she loves them a bunch.

Momma giraffe bends over and stretches her neck.
She wants to give her baby a good morning peck.

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The World According to Perdita Whacknoodle: The Flying Watermelon of Doom

The World According to Perdita Whacknoodle: The Flying Watermelon of Doom

Jim Gibson (Author), Nancy Sisk (Illustrator)

Price: FREE

These delightful stories about Perdita and her whacky dog family validate those of us who think dogs have a special “sense” in dealing with their human masters. I mean, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could really know what your dog is thinking? These are the kind of stories that would delight children for a bedtime read — stories where animals are heroic and people are a bit daft. Fun!

Joe in Georgia

Does YOUR dog tell stories about her crazy family?

Perdita Whacknoodle does.

If you’ve read The World According to Perdita Whacknoodle: The Thanksgiving Pageant of Doom, you know Laura somehow receives thoughts directly from Perdita, her dog.

Perdita thinks SHE is the smartest dog in the world so she transmits her “thought particles” directly into Laura’s brain. And she tells Laura many, many stories about her most unusual (and possibly crazy) family of dogs. Laura writes everything down.

Lots of those stories are about her father, Par Whack, who has big adventures all over the country, battles police and evil dog-catchers – and is always at war with the pompous school principal, Mr. Wimpy.

The second book in this series entertains you with much more from the world of Perdita Whacknoodle.

Perdita thinks her books are great literature and will soon be taught in schools. IF that ever happens, you’ll be able to answer these test questions after you’ve read this book.

Things Perdita Thinks Humans Should Know

1. Is Perdita Whacknoodle completely crazy – or very, very smart?

2. Is Laura’s head likely to explode from the power of Perdita’s thoughts?

3. What happens to brilliant Cousin Speedo when he tries to set the world record for fastest dog on a skateboard?

4. Why were all the humans in that campground so furious with Speedo? Why did they chase him and throw things at him?

5. Why did Farmer load the entire Whacknoodle family – Mar, Par, and ALL the thirty-sevens – in his old red truck for a family vacation? What happened?

6. Who are the Doogles? Are they really as big a threat to Perdita and her family as the Wild Giraffes?

7. Before Par dashed onto the football field to save the big game, what did he think was going on? What did he think the band director was trying to do? Who are the cheerios?

8. What is a squasher? Why did the fat boys want it?

9. Explain Perdita Whacknoodle’s theory of “the protective layer of dirt.” Are you convinced by her arguments?

10. Was Great-Great-Grandma Noodle really washed to death?

11. Why did Par decide to steal the town’s only garbage truck?

12. Why did he need a brick for the heist?

13. What is “a very satisfying crash”?

14. When stealing a garbage truck, which is more important – the horn or the go-button?

15. Is the language of Bark more like French or Italian?

16. What is “the Wall of Sound” barking technique. When should it be used?

17. Why did Mar decide to have her puppies in the barn the night Perdita was born?

18. Where was the light in the sky coming from?

19. When Par spotted the evil dogcatcher’s truck that fateful night, what brilliant plan popped into his head?

20. Why does Par compare himself to Bugs Bunny, his action hero?

21. Who is Elrod P. Snodgrass, and why does Par hate him?

22. What secret advice did Par give Perdita – while he was eating her breakfast?

23. When Perdita was ready to set out on her own, what were Mar’s final loving words?

24. What was the gold contraption Farmer brought onto front porch that day? Why did Par think it was a cappuccino machine? What did it sound like to Par?

25. What was “the mighty wind of inspiration” that flew into Par’s head as he thought about how to help the Fourth of July Concert? What was his big plan? Why did he need helpers?

26. What was “The Flying Vegetable Squad”?

27. What was Par’s idea for the cannon? Where did the watermelon land? Was Par proud?

28. When Mr. Wimpy slipped on the squished vegetables, where did he fall?

29. Do you like the way Perdita creatifies English?

30. What’s a “snatch and run”?

Is YOUR dog like Perdita?

When you’ve finished this book, you’ll know all this…and much much more.

You’ll never think of your dog the same way again. You’ll wonder…could Perdita Whacknoodle be right? Do dogs REALLY have a secret life that humans don’t know about?

Read Perdita’s books and see what you think!

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Jane and Her Friends (Five Children's Picture Stories)

Jane and Her Friends (Five Children’s Picture Stories)

Betty Palatin

Price: FREE

I have two kids of an age 6 and 4 and they ask for Jane’s stories since I got them on my phone’s Kindle reader. They love those nice illustrations and the way they learn new English words and phrases. This book is simply worth the money.

David Capousek

In this five story collection, you will read about the things Jane and her friends like to do. Each story is is only a few pages long; but all of them are brightly illustrated and easy-to-read.

  • In “Jane Has a Ball” you will read about one of Jane’s favorite toys – a multi-colored ball.
  • Do you think Jane will find her doll in “Jane Has a Doll”?
  • Jane hosts a party for her Ted in “My Ted’s Party” – it is quite an exciting day for them.
  • Can you count to five? Jane can, she’ll help you count to five in “Jane Can Count to Five”.
  • Just like any little boy or girl Jane must go to sleep. In “Time for Bed, Jane” you’ll read about how Jane gets ready for bed.

These stories will help you learn in a fun and easy way!

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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