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Allerednic: A Regency Cinderella Tale–In Reverse

Chautona Havig

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I enjoyed this creative reversal of Cinderella. I am sure the “rags” part of the riches to rags story would have been much harder than portrayed, but the story line was inventive as well as sneaking a few morals in on us! Thanks for a fun, clean, imaginative read.

Faith Alwaise

Lady Charlotte Eversley, heir of the Earl of Everston, has lived a charmed life. Wealthy, beautiful, and one day she will be a Countess in her own right. No mother has ever loved a daughter more. Her sisters admire and adore her, and of course, her father dotes on her. She is one of the most eligible ladies of the Season.

Mr. Jasper Seyton misses the country. Along with his trusted servant, Worley, he endures the delights of Town for one purpose. After three Seasons, he has little confidence in the so-called “Marriage Mart.”

They enjoy each other’s company, and her father approves. She knows he intends to propose. He knows that she will accept.

So where is she when he returns to Everston Hall, and why does she think there is no hope for happiness again?

Allerednic: Cinderella–reversed.

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The Glory of Green – The Green Series #3

Judy Christie

Price: FREE

I read Goodness Gracious Green yesterday when I saw it was a freebie on Kindle. I was excited to see where the 3rd book would go so I decided to purchase it. WOW! I am glad I did. This book blew the other 3 away. I was so engrossed in the story. Judy Christie did a wonderful job with this book. I’m definitely going to keep reading her work!

G. Zimmer

With wedding plans well underway, Lois Barker plots to gracefully get rid of her groom’s catfish collection-stuffed, ceramic, woven. Her husband-to-be, Chris, on the other hand, has decided to get rid of something else: his homestead, which he gives to a needy Mexican family at church.Life is full of possibilities, and the community of Green is tickled pink that their newspaper owner is settling down with one of their own.However, the beloved small-town journalist is about to be blown away-by tragedy and by the grace that enfolds her in her third year in Green, Louisiana.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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