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Nan’s Journey (Nan’s Heritage Series)

Elaine Littau

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Nan’s Journey is action packed and Elaine Littau has done an excellent job of skillfully weaving God’s message of forgiveness and redemption throughout. Her novel brims with hope, stressing that no matter what circumstances we encounter, God’s forgiveness is abundant and available.

Anne Kimberly

Nan’s Journey follows the story of two orphaned children who suffer horrible abuse at the hands of the people who are supposed to love them. Desperate to save her brother’s life, Nan plans their escape undercover of night. They head out into an uncertain world with no knowledge of what to do or where to go. Elmer is comforted by the his belief that God is watching over them but Nan, whose heart has been hardened by their circumstances, finds that possibility much harder to accept.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Like A Flood

Elizabeth Proske

Price: FREE

Not what I expected from looking at the cover, but it’s a good story. An interesting assortment of characters and enough action to keep me interested. You really get to know the characters in the first half of the book, so you care about what happens to them when the action takes off in the second half. I enjoyed reading it

A A Zepol

When the American college students signed up for the mission trip to flood-ravaged Colombia, they knew it wouldn’t be easy. No electricity, no running water, skimpy rations, hard labor in the blistering sun – the young missionaries were prepared for all that. But threats from paramilitant drug traffickers?

Daniel Wescott and his friends must make choices they never expected to face. Should they stay and continue the work of rebuilding in spite of the danger? When disaster strikes, is it worth risking their lives to help their Colombian hosts? And how important is it to get the Word of God to the Colombian people?

The Christian students are about to find out how strong their convictions really are!

Like A Flood is a compelling novel with a lively cast of characters and an unequivocal reminder of God’s sovereignty even in the most difficult circumstances.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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  1. Kim Mertes says

    Hi – just wondering about free books for the nook? These all seem to be for the kindle.

    • Hi Kim! We occasionally post free ebooks for the Nook – but to be honest, the selection for Nook just isn’t nearly as good or regular. But, we do our best to post some when there are good ones to post. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. I absolutely love what you are doing here! You save me so much time and effort. I always dreaded looking for ebooks but not now. I love your selection also. It is like you can read my mind and know my interests. I especially love the nonfiction books. I am so glad I found a site that has good clean Christian selections.

    My father has a tablet also but he likes to read good clean western books and also history and mystery books. Is there a site similar to yours where he could find some ebooks without all the searching? Thank you for what you do!!

    • Hi Deb! Searching doesn’t have to be too cumbersome. I’d browse Amazon regularly for their deals in the genres you’re after (go to Amazon –> Shop By Department –> Books –> Kindle Books –> then just choose your categories and keep narrowing it down to get it more specific) and hopefully you’ll find some ebooks that your father will enjoy. Hope that helps!