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Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye (Treasures Of The Rockies Series)

Mary Eason

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This is a very wonderful clean Christian book. Couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait to read more of her books.


Matt Stevens is finished with life. Grieving the death of his son, Matt withdraws from humanity, sequestering himself in a mountain cabin far from the reaches of anything human, anything that may remind him of the life he can no longer have. That is, until Kate Alexander arrives on his doorstep and begins to strip away the bitterness he carries in his heart.

Running from an abusive ex-husband who tried to murder her, Kate Alexander’s life is turned upside-down. Learning of her grandmother’s death, the only woman who ever believed in her, is almost Kate’s complete undoing, especially when the devastating news comes from a man so lacking in human emotion he may as well be a robot. Yet, Kate is drawn to Matt Stevens in a way she never before experienced. Could
there be more to this unlikely friend of her grandmother’s—something beyond the cold surface he presents to the world?

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90 Days in Florence: Diary of an Italian Adventure in Tuscany!

Elizabeth Nardi Jeffries

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“Elisabetta” Nardi Jeffries has written a wonderful book, which captures the spirit of Italy with wonderful personal insights, colorful photographs of the culture and scenery, and mouth-watering descriptions of Italian cuisine. Throughout, Elizabeth’s ebullient, engaging personality emerges. If you haven’t been to Italy, you’ll find yourself wanting to go; if you have visited Italia, you’ll be reminded of many fond, personal memories.

Don Waddell

If you are a lover of Italy, or dreaming of going to Italy one day, you will want to come along on this spunky Italian adventure!

The energetic author, Elizabeth Nardi Jeffries, gives a first hand, detailed eye view of her experiences in Florence and surrounding areas in Tuscany. You’ll find her wriiting playful and poignant as she shares exciting experiences, amazing sites and special people she met in the 90 days.

Every day is an adventure! She popped out of bed in the morning, eager to see what adventure awaited, what exciting people she would meet, what heroes she would identify each day, what new foods she would sample and what lessons she would learn. Elizabeth says her face seemed locked in a smile all day, and she fell asleep at night with a prayer of gratitude on her lips for the blessing of this Italian experience.

Elizabeth invites you to come along with her! See the sites of places like the famous Duomo, hear the sounds of the melodic Italian language, smell the garlic, pasta and pizza, and taste the smooth gelato in pistachio, chocolate, peach or coconut! It’s all fabulous!

Take a peek into her adventure. Who knows? This spirited account of her experiences in Tuscany may just prompt you to experience your own adventure in Italy or wherever your heart is really planted!

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