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36 To Die For Bacon Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner And Dessert

Cheri Compton

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Found some yummy recipes and combinations I would have never thought of myself. Off to Costco to pick up some uncured bacon and going to make Bacon Parmesan Penne Pasta for dinner…3 of my kids’ favorites, all in one dish. YUM!


This cookbook is unashamedly all about bacon and how many ways you can fix it. Just about everyone can be seduced by the savory and mouthwatering smell of bacon cooking. In fact, it permeates the whole house.

Admittedly, bacon is not the most healthy or nutritious product. However, there are a lot of bacon lovers who like to indulge their love of bacon, at least occasionally.

Bacon is widely served for breakfast, followed closely by lunch and dinner. You may not have considered bacon for dessert, but our dessert recipes will make you wish you had tried them earlier.

Find how how to make bacon cheesecake brownies, or even candied bacon. Indulge your bacon craving and try some or all of our bacon recipes and have your family begging for more!

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Get Clients Today: How To Get A Surge Of New, High Paying Coaching Clients Today & Every Day

Christian Mickelsen

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We can’t make a living if we can’t get clients. Get Clients Today provides solid, creative, and deceptively simple strategies for getting coaching clients, which I believe to be the most important skill and biggest obstacle to building a successful coaching business. Christian’s gift to the coaching profession is to make client enrollment understandable and do-able for new and experienced coaches. My favorite parts of this book are the “Client Getting Emails” and the scripted strategies that actually give you the words to say in enrolling a prospective client. Highly recommended!
— David Steele, MA, LMFT, Founder, Relationship Coaching Institute, Author, The Million Dollar Private Practice: Using Your Expertise to Build a Business That Makes a Difference

David Steele

What took me years and years of struggle, study, innovation, testing, and trial and error to figure out, I’ve been able to share with others to help them get astronomical results way faster and easier than I ever did.

Here’s some of what’s in this book that will help you get clients and share your blessing with the world…
• A simple three-step process for getting clients
• The three critical success factors for having amazing financial success in your coaching business
• Marketing secrets to get clients faster and easier than even before
• The “Client Surgeclient surge” process
• Five ways to get a rush of new clients within seven days
• Powerful “Client Getting Email Templates”

If you wanted to, you could actually take action on just a few ideas from this book and get clients within the next 24 hours.

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A Christmas Collection: Classic Cookies and Fudge

Catherine Leighton

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This book is full of wonderful recipes that will delight the whole family. I’m looking forward to trying these recipes.


What’s your favorite Christmas cookie? Enjoy this recipe compilation of all-time favorites and the most requested recipes for holiday treats. Look no further for the ten best recipes for Christmas cookies and fudge.

From buttery confections like Russian Tea Cakes to everyone’s favorite from Grandma’s house, Ginger Molasses Cookies, these recipes are sure to please.

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Decide.Act.Persist: 21 Life-Changing Resolutions for 2013

Matt Bishop

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When’s the last time you made a new year resolution and achieved it? How many goals did you set last year and actually follow through on? 5? 2? None?

If you’re the kind of person that waits for an opportunity, the right group of people and the right financial situation to come along, you’re just spinning your wheels. Nothing is going to just fall into your lap. YOU create the life you want, not anyone else.

Yes folks, there is light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s not a freebie, salvation, karma or good fortune. It’s a moving train coming towards you at full speed. And if you don’t decide to turn things around and start making the right choices, you’re going to get ran the hell over.

Turning your life around isn’t all that difficult. All success requires of you is the courage to make decisions, take the right actions and determine, come hell or high water, that you’re going to achieve whatever it is you set out to achieve.

You CAN lose weight.

You WILL buy that new car.

You CAN get out of debt.

You WILL undoubtedly succeed in achieving the goals you set this year.

Know that. Own it. The life of your dreams is right around the corner if you dare to go and get it.

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The Twelve Pathways to Christmas (The Twelve Joys of Christmas)

Andy Wood

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This is a well written book. It has been edited and reviewed well.
The author did a great job of setting the stage during the introduction.
He used what could be many people’s true stories to show how a life can change. He gives 12 wonderfully written stories of life circumstances, and regardless of the circumstances, positive and negative, in our lives: we can find peace, joy, and happiness.
The author incorporates Biblical passages with life lessons to show how people overcome and make positive changes in their lives.
Click on the `Click to Look Inside’ button and read the beginning. You will find it is worth the investment.
From personal experience, and as mentioned in the book, helping others will help you too.
I highly recommend this book.

Dana Peterson

The lives of twelve different ordinary people are forever changed when they embark on their own unique pathway to the true meaning of Christmas. Through stories the author describes as “some autobiographical, some reflections of others I have known, and some made up to make a point,” you will find your own unique pathways to the meaning of Christmas in the brief encounters you have with these characters.

Andy Wood combines his many years as a pastor with his experience in working with people from all walks of life to help you discover why God invaded history in the person of a helpless baby in Bethlehem. Just as the first Christmas was experienced by real, excited, hurting, stressed-out, frightened, faith-filled people, so is yours. But those life circumstances – good or bad – can be pathways to breathtaking joy as you discover how greatly loved and desired you are.

The Twelve Pathways to Christmas is the first of a three-part series called the Twelve Joys of Christmas. And what greater joy can there be than to discover that your life is all part of a larger plan to give you a future and a hope?

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