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Autism – A Practical Guide for Parents

Alan Yau

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I have a cousin with Autism, and this book isn’t just for parents. If you want a practical way of understanding and interacting more successfully with people (especially children) that have Autism read this. This book offers great examples that helped me understand how to manage challenges. Good find.


Theory is great, but as a busy parent of a young child with autism, what you would really like is a practical guide: with ideas, tips and strategies that you can use right away.

Oh, and you want a book that is concise and easy to understand, right?

This book is what you’re looking for.

Think of this book as a collection of sparks. Real sparks ignite fires. The sparks in this book will ignite ideas in your head about how to teach your child with autism.

Here’s an overview of what you will learn in this book:

How children with autism are wired differently, and how that affects the way they learn.
Why Intensive Play is so important to everything else.
Why it’s so hard to get your child’s attention, and what you can do about it.
How visual tools can help your child, and how you can use them easily.
Why focusing on well-being is so important, and some simple steps you can take to ensure you do.
What general strategies will help you teach your child.
Why behavior difficulties happen, and some ways you can help.
Why today’s technology is making it easier for children with autism to communicate, learn and much more besides.

This book will give you ideas and strategies that you can use immediately with your child. Many of the strategies are made clearer by the inclusion of examples from the author’s own experience. You will see echoes of your own child in some of the examples, and they are sure to provide lots of light bulb moments for you.

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“The 4.1.1. Cook Book” Seasoning Mixes and Homemade Fixes

DeWayne Newburn

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This book is such a great idea – the author has assembled a huge variety of mix and seasoning mix recipes and provides recipes to use many of them. You will recover the cost of the book on just the first 5-6 packages of mix [taco, ranch dressing, stir fry, etc] that you don’t have to purchase in those goofy little envelopes. But the book goes way beyond these mixes – It goes into smoothies, homemade sausage, homemade cleaners, home food preservation, baking mixes, EVAPORATED MILK substitute[!] and more. This is a gem of a book – useful for even a “dash and dribble” cook like me!

N.R. Evans

Make your own Seasoning Mixes from the spices you already own.
Also discover many self reliance tips.
As we know America was discovered while Christopher Columbus was seeking a faster trade route to the East Indies. He wanted to bring back spices quickly and cheaply. In his time spices were a very prized item. Today, compared to Columbus time spices are not near so valuable unless you don’t have them. Then how much would you pay if you did not have access to Spaghetti or Taco season packet?

With the economic downturn of the US one item that has really increased in price are spices. I have watched spice packets double in price. People are willing to pay for a little something extra when it comes to good tasting food and your grocer knows this. For this reason spices will continue to climb as economic times waver.

Bulk Seasonings are much cheaper. If kept in a good mason jar or other suitable condition away from heat and light they will last for years. So what are you waiting for? Start saving today! Whip up your favorite seasoning mix from the spices I’m sure you already own.

I guarantee the recipes in this book will open a new world of creation to you. It will pay you back again and again in lost time money and gas. No more running to the store because you realize in the middle of cooking, you don’t have that season packet you always use. From now on you can pass up the season packets with a smile because you know how to make your own.

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Arabah Joy

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Research shows it takes only 21 days to change the way we think. In Complete, Arabah Joy takes readers on a 21 day journey to think about themselves truthfully: that in Christ, we are complete.

This series is based on mentoring materials Arabah Joy, a seasoned missionary, wrote for local believers. The journey takes the reader through practical daily applications such as targeted scripture memory, visualization, exercises to renew the mind and address fear, and much more.

In Christ, we are Complete. Believe it. Live it. 21 Days.

**Join the author during January 2013 for a “Complete” series at **

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Simple Living – 30 days to less stuff and more life

Lorilee Lippincott

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I thought I had things pretty simplified in my life, until I read this book. Seems I have a long way to come. I love how she encourages to take each day and do something new. It’s definitely a book worth reading and learning how you can make your live even more simple.

Sundi Jo Graham

Need a bit more simple in your life but unsure where to start? Simple Living is written for you. Using minimalist principles I have created a 30 day course, taking less than 1 hour a day that I guarantee will give you a simpler life.

Simple Living‘s 30 days balances both tangible clutter as well as intangible clutter. This is not a course about cleaning. This course and these lessons are about change. Not only will you have a simpler and cleaner home after this course but the steps have been put in place for it to stay that way.

This course is created to tackle thirty different clutter areas, showing you where they are and how to start working with them. After the course you will have the skills and tools to keep working in the areas that you personally still need to work in.

This course is created to answer the question “Where do I begin?” and “How do I start?”

If you will commit to 60 minutes for 30 days I guarantee you will see dramatic change.

Simple Living is written by writer and minimalist Lorilee Lippincott who is the author of and 321 Stop – stop running and start living.

Ready to start creating a Simple Life?

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Setting Goals – Quick & Easy Worksheet, Theory and SMART Goals!

John James Santangelo

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This is the first book in my Kindle library that I highlighted and shared quotes to my FB page. I have been a fan of NLP since the early ’90’s and one thing I always tell myself is, repetition is the mother of all skill. That is why I got a hold of this book and read it in two days. What I really enjoyed most is how the author took my original set of goals, had me prioritize them, then write short quick action plans for each goal. This technique will allow me to see progress, even in my mid- to long-term goals. Awesome! Now it is time to go back and start implementing the really great exercises in the book.

Avid Reader

YEA! New Year’s again? (sarcasm) Making resolutions and setting goals for ANOTHER year. Only to remember three months later, after pulling out your written goals, nothing manifested! Ever been on this self-defeating ride before?

Have you ever struggled before setting goals? Have you ever tried setting a goal, used goal setting worksheets, tried to utilize SMART goals or other programs that failed to produce the results you know you deserve? Yes? You’re probably really curious then about WHAT is a goal, WHY set goals, or HOW to do you set goals properly and most importantly, what has held you back in the past when setting a goal? Does this sound remotely familiar?

The answer; a simple, easy to follow SYSTEM anyone can do. You see, it’s NOT just about setting up destinations or targets to obtain, its truly about WHO you need to become to achieve your goals! This is why I’ve designed this program (7 of 10 chapters) to empower YOU to succeed. Become more, have more!

SETTING GOALS is essential for anyone wanting to achieve more results, develop better strategies for success, and empower themselves on a daily basis by re-programming their subconscious mind with proper goal setting theories, tasks and solutions that will actually produce results for you every time!

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