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Clean It! A to Z Guide of How To Clean Your Home : 667 Ideas For Cleaning Everything,The Quick & Easy Way (Gleam Guru)

Colette Leigh

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I also had one of those tiny paperback books about how to clean anything. Not only is it outdated but it wasn’t complete. There were so many cleaning situations not covered. I think this book has everything in it. There’s an A to Z alphabetical index. Click on “B” and among other things you’ll find bassinets, bathtubs, bathroom drains, battery terminals, bed bugs, beer stains, beets, berber carpets, bicycles, black mold and so on. There are some food items included like vegetables, blue crabs, broccoli etc and I can see myself checking those as well. This is a great resource book that you’ll use when you have a specific stain or cleaning need.

Sandy Bose

Let’s face it: cleaning your home can be a major frustration. There are spills to clean up. Endless surfaces to dust. Rugs to vacuum. Add all this to the busy life you lead with work, family, and friends, and it’s no wonder you need quick and effective tips on housecleaning.

That’s exactly where “Clean It! A to Z Guide to Cleaning Everything” comes into play!

From tough stains to delicate surfaces, from cherished family heirlooms that need restoration to common, everyday objects that can be recycled and reused, there are 667 topics, organized alphabetically, for your convenience in this special housecleaning guide.

What’s more, the cheaper and eco-friendly methods you’ll find in this guide are generally preferred whenever possible. We did this to ensure you don’t throw good money down the drain on high-end commercial products, when the solution was right in front of you all the time.

So, what do you need in order to keep your home spotless and your family safe and healthy? Everybody should have a healthy stock of laundry detergent (at least one mild, for delicate garments, and a heavy-duty one), two types of dish detergent (a non-abrasive and an abrasive detergent), stain remover, white vinegar, baking soda, washing soda, ammonia, bleach, rubbing alcohol, and an oven cleaner. Make sure you store these products away from the reach of children, since many are toxic.

Before we get into these cleaning tips, it’s important to learn how to use these items responsibly in order to protect yourself against accidents. For instance, bleach should never be combined with ammonia, as it releases toxic fumes. Many substances, such as kerosene or turpentine, are highly flammable. Oven cleaners are very effective on stains, but they’re also very damaging to your skin. Lye causes severe chemical burns, and should never come in contact with skin. Your closet of cleaning supplies should therefore also include several pairs of gloves, latex ones, but also a chemical-resistant pair, safety glasses, and clothing that cover your hands and legs completely, and a first-aid kit, just in case.

You also need a collection of sponges (soft and abrasive), brushes, paintbrushes, and wire brushes, rags and cloths – in particular micro-fiber, lint-free cloths, which can save you hours of work – mops and dusters, cotton swabs, and several buckets of different sizes. Do not forget to clean these items regularly; otherwise you’ll just be transferring germs to the cleaned objects!

Last but not least, there comes a time when you have to accept that an object is beyond rescue. Some spots that appear to be stains are in fact scratches or deep damage that cannot be removed. In other cases, the material is so delicate that any scrubbing will completely ruin the object. Finally, every cleaner has to admit that once in a while you come across a stain that simply beats the most advanced techniques in the world. There’s no shame in turning to professional help when you need it, and there’s no reason to sweat and scrub for hours when you’re dealing with an item that should have been replaced years ago.

In the end, the key to maintaining a spotless house is to combine patience and common sense. Be prepared to wash, rinse, repeat many times, but not to the point where you end up spending twenty hours a day with the mop and the sponge!

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Achieve Anything In Just One Year: Be Inspired Daily to Live Your Dreams and Accomplish Your Goals

Jason Harvey

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This book was filled with positive reinforcement and motivational quotes and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to think more positively. Or you could just say to yourself, “smile, life is good and today I will [fill in your dream here]” every day in the mirror.

Margaux Paschke

Learn to make small daily choices that will transform your life. Find your personal inspiration. Rediscover your motivation. Propel yourself out of an unfulfilling existence.

Comprehensive and inspiring, this self help book will teach you how to:

Set goals and stick with them
Take daily action that creates a ripple effect
Stay motivated, focused and balanced
Feel happier everyday!!!
Define, pursue and celebrate personal success

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What to Cook for Dinner for Picky Eaters

John Newsome

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This is a great resource for busy parents who want to fix nutritious meals for their kids, even the picky eaters. Written by parents who not only have formal training in cooking but who have real life experiences in feeding their own children, who have food sensitivities. The recipes are easy enough that even those of us who aren’t really cooks can follow, with normal ingredients already on hand. I also liked how the authors address the “picky eater” issue and what to watch for and how to overcome it. Highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to cook nutritious meals in a hurry!! Looking forward to trying some recipes myself!

JL Phillips

Did you know it can take more than just a few exposures of a new food to a child before it becomes familiar? That’s what the research shows, according to Suzzanne Myer, a nutritionist based in Seattle, Washington. You might be surprised just what the number actually is.

In this book, you will find tips like this, 23 main dish recipes that are favorites of Chef John’s family, and resources with information helpful for feeding the picky eaters in your home, no matter the age.

Chef John Newsome graduated Summa Cum Laude from the prestigious Culinary Arts program at Johnson and Wales University and continues to enjoy developing new recipes for the enjoyment of his family and others.

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Concrete Crafts: Making Modern Accessories for the Home and Garden

Alan Wycheck

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Great Book! It was fun! I made some bowls for landscaping. Easy directions and it worked!
For less than buying one at the garden center I have wonderful memorable moments of making it every time I see it in the yard –

K. Harlacher

Concrete is an inexpensive and easy-to-work-with material that can be used to create dozens of useful and stylish accessories for the home or garden. With full-color, step-by-step photos, this one-of-a-kind guide demonstrates how to make functional concrete projects that have a distinctive flair.

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