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The Well-Lived Laugh: Designing a Life that Keeps You Smiling

Rachel St. John-Gilbert

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Love, love, love this book. Though Rachel’s down-to-earth wit and empathy shine throughout, don’t let the light-hearted cover and writing style fool you: this is a book of depth and thoughtful insight. It will relieve at least some of the pressure women feel to be everything to everyone, all the time.

Becky Johnson

Ladies, a little perspective can change everything—and owning your own perspective (with a good dose of humor) is what The Well-Lived Laugh is all about. Brand-new from humor writer Rachel St. John-Gilbert (author of Wake Up Laughing and Laugh Yourself to Sleep), The Well-Lived Laugh: Designing a Life that Keeps You Smiling offers a quirky look at life’s crazy-making pressures—body image, relationships, social networking, the food police—and encouragement to develop your own unique perspective to help eliminate those pressures. Through her hilarious observations, St. John-Gilbert will help you embrace the beauty in life that comes through each experience, whether planned or not.

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Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle Cookbooks #1 And #2 Combined

Becky Clark

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Just downloaded this kindle version of Lazy LowCal Lifestyle Cookboos 1 & 2 and am frustrated already. It initially appear there was no table of contents and that you had to go through it page by page. However, when you click “menu” and “go to” – choose “Cover” and the table of contents appears. Not sure why they did it that way. I like that the author not only gives you the ingredients and instructions for preparation, but also hints on grocery shopping and what isle to purchase things in (like bread crumbs for chicken fingers) and how to get the best price. Can’t wait to try the recipes. I’m a full time professional married women with children, and I need easy and low-cal.

Brenda S. Williams

If you haven’t bought any Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle Cookbooks yet, this is the one to buy!

It has everything from Cookbook #1 AND Cookbook #2 PLUS all the goodies in the Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle Just Desserts Cookbook.

None of the Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle Cookbooks have hard-to-find ingredients or difficult instructions — just quick, easy, low calorie recipes that are delicious and inexpensive, many of which you can get on the table in a jiffy.

All that can be yours with one click!

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Good Sleep for Brain Health: Sleep Better Tonight for a Better Memory Tomorrow

M. Chris Wolf PhD

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Great book, it all makes sense to the average guy. I have been under the care of two ” Sleep Doctors” for the last 4 years.
I have used and tried all the fixes to include the mouth piece (changed my bite and hurt), strips (made my nose break out), CPAP (works but very uncomfortable). Not once have the “Sleep Doctors” suggested the jaw exercises mentioned by Dr. Wolf. I did the excercises for two weeks and have been sleeping like a baby without the CPAP. NEED I SAY MORE.

SFC William Stanley

Brain health and better sleep have been in the news. How to sleep well or sleep better is a common question asked by millions. Tonight across the globe many people will be struggling with how to get a better night’s sleep and find an insomnia cure.

Many will ask: How I can get better sleep? How is my brain health improved (or hurt) by poor sleep? Is my depression and anxiety being caused by poor sleep? Do sleep problems cause weight gain?

Scroll up the page. Click to Look Inside the book to start reading about better sleep.

Other common sleep and brain health questions crying out for answers include: Will I go crazy if I can’t sleep? What is sleep apnea and how do I know if I have it? Is medication an insomnia solution? What health problems relate to sleep disorders? Can better sleep improve my memory?

Sleep Better for Brain Health is designed to provide answers to these questions and help you improve memory and overall brain health. The book is a practical guide for people with insomnia and avoids technical and academic jargon.

Sleep Better for Brain Health provides a plan for an insomnia cure. As you begin to sleep better you improve your overall brain health. The book is designed to provide the reader with an insomnia solution rather than psychobabble and academic jargon.

Six basic principles are presented, which based upon research, have been shown to help most people with insomnia sleep better. For those needing professional help, the reader will be able to communicate their concerns more effectively to their healthcare provider.

A memory problem from poor sleep is often a result of sleep disorders and insomnia. Brain health can be seriously affected if sleep deprivation becomes persistent. We now know that anxiety, depression and other emotional disorders so common today can be caused by or made worse by sleep disorders.

Sleep Better for Brain Health is divided into sections to help the reader cure insomnia based upon their personal issues. A Quick Start Guide is presented in the beginning of the book to get the insomnia suffer started off right.

The relationship between good brain health and good memory and sleep is reviewed in a way that helps the reader understand these relationships better. In the section on physical health and sleep, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and even Parkinson’s disease is discussed.

The effects of poor sleep on psychological health are also reviewed. Suggestions for overcoming worry and anxiety are given. The Worry System is presented as a cure for trouble getting to sleep.

Good sleep also looks at ways sleep problems can contribute to sadness and depression and provides suggestions for help in these important areas. The role of anger and irritability are also reviewed and methods for positive change are made.

What is sleep restriction and how can that be an insomnia cure? Sleep restriction is presented as an effective approach for many in overcoming the ravages of ongoing sleep problems. Research has shown it to be one of the most effective approaches to better sleep.

The book concludes with instructions on how to Sleep Better Now. References and resources are presented so that the reader is able to further delve into certain areas of interest. You can sleep better and improve your brain health, even if only a little.

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Weekend Homesteader: June

Anna Hess

Price: FREE

This is the third volume of the magazine that I have read and I love each one. I currently live in a small city in the Philippines and have a small piece of property not far outside the city. When I lived in Germany I often saw people enjoying their Kleingarten when I would walk in the countryside, these were small plots of land often around 200 or 300 square meters in size that people would use for gardening normally erecting small places to stay for a weekend of gardening. I recently decided to do something similar to my property. These guides have given me many good suggestions, in this volume the site map was especially helpful as I was starting one.

Charles Davis

This fully updated second edition of the popular Weekend Homesteader series includes exciting, short projects that you can use to dip your toes into the vast ocean of homesteading without getting overwhelmed. If you need to fit homesteading into a few hours each weekend and would like to have fun while doing it, these projects will be right up your alley, whether you live on a forty-acre farm, a postage-stamp lawn in suburbia, or a high rise.

The June volume includes the following projects:

Start a compost pile
Build a worm bin
Experiment with seasonings
Calculate your real hourly wage

The second edition has been revised and expanded to match the paperback, with extra photos and feedback from weekend homesteaders just like you, plus permaculture-related avenues for the more advanced homesteader to explore.

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The 40 Essential Oils

Sarita de Silva

Price: FREE

I have found many oils that I like to use just by smelling the tester and purchasing from my local healthfood store. It is great to have a book to actually tell me how these oils are used. Now I can read what I want from an oil and know something about it when I make my purchase.


The following 40 essential oils are Aromatherapy’s most widely used and versatile aids, for they contain abundant healing and therapeutic properties. In this book you will find thorough origins and descriptions of the essential oils, bases to be used in conjunction with the oils, as well as contraindications.

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