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How To Find Free Kindle Books: Find free books for Kindle with this resource of over 65 current sites dedicated to free ebooks!

Jack Meyers

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I never realized there were so many resources for free ebooks. I know that you can find the free books on Kindle, but there are also many different websites and Facebook pages that aggregate free Kindle books by genre. This book lists the links to a lot of these sites, plus it has more resources on finding free ebooks in many different formats. In my opinion the author is trying to be truly helpful, he even includes contact information and plans on keeping the list updated. This is a useful guide for finding free ebooks in general and especially books for the Kindle.

Mike Wallace

Did you know that you can find many free ebooks for Kindle each day? Sure, there are tons of sites that offer free ebooks such as the classics, and I feature many of those in this book, but there are many more free Kindle ebooks out there for you to download! I will show you the best sites to go to in order to find the hottest free Kindle ebooks each and every day!

Find new authors and read tons of great free ebooks!

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How to Apply Makeup Professionally

Anneke La Grange

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The book is great. It gives us a lot of good advice. there are a lot of things that can help us all girls:) take it: is great!


Applying makeup has always been one of those things every woman is expected to know. The real truth is that so many women have no idea how to put on makeup correctly and to actually make an improvement to the way they look.

If you were one of the lucky ones, then your mother probably showed you a few things here and there. But to be honest, she probably also had no real training in this subject. Some of us had to pick up a few makeup tips here and there but never really had the opportunity to learn the right techniques.

I am Anneke la Grange from the University of Makeup. In this book I take each aspect of makeup and start by discussing what we want to accomplish and how we’re going to accomplish it. By knowing the techniques in this book you will open a new world of confidence for yourself. You’re not only going to learn how to apply makeup correctly, you’re going to learn how to apply it professionally.

You can use this knowledge just for yourself or take it further and start mentoring your friends and family. Maybe a new career is waiting for you…a career in being a professional makeup artist. You will be able to make yourself absolutely beautiful and also turn others into supermodels.

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The Ultimate Lunch Recipes Boxed Set: Fabulous Ideas for Delicious and Nutritious Meals You Will Love

Martha McBride

Price: FREE

Why Buy This Set?

Lunch is often a hurriedly put-together sandwich or skipped altogether, and while this may seem like an okay thing to do, the fact is you tend to eat more at night (when you shouldn’t) when you miss out on a good lunch. This can lead to health problems, not the least of which is weight gain. So here is a set of books that will give you a wide variety of quick and easy lunches you can prepare for work, school or even the hectic weekend.

What’s Inside?

Book 1: Delicious and Nutritious Low Carb Lunches
Chapter 1 – Spice Up Your Low Carb Diet with Fun Lunch Recipes
Chapter 2 – Low Carb Brown Bag Lunches
Chapter 3 – Low Carb Weekend Lunches
Chapter 4 – Conclusion

Book 2: Delicious and Nutritious Low Calorie Lunches
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Brown Bag Lunch Recipes
Chapter 3 – Weekend Low Calorie Lunch Recipes
Chapter 4 – Conclusion

Book 3: Delicious and Nutritious American Mom Lunch Recipes
Chapter One: Lunch, anyone?
Chapter Two: Sandwiches
Chapter Three: Party and Picnic Fare

Book 4: Delicious and Nutritious Gluten-Free Lunch Recipes
Chapter One: Gluten-Free Doesn’t HAVE to be Yuck-ee
Chapter Two: Soups Up!
Chapter Three: Green Dreams
Chapter Four: Enter the Entrée
Chapter Five: A Baker’s Dozen

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Ultimate Outdoor Workout System: Healthy Weight Loss & Fast Fat Burning Without Expensive Gyms or Exercise Equipment

Dale Travis-Amber

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a book that focused on how you can workout–including strength training–without having to either buy weights and other equipment or join a gym. This one not only cover the subject, it covered it well. I particularly liked the way the workouts were broken down by length, so if you only have a few minutes, you can do a 3-minute workout or a 4-minute workout, and if you have more time, you can do the 30-minute workout. I also thought the pictures were great. Each of the exercises was illustrated and showed how to move through the different steps of the exercise. The additional information about nutrition was icing on the cake (so to speak). Highly recommended.

June LeClaire

One of the greatest contributions you can make to society, no matter where you live, is to be healthy – both physically and mentally. It is one of the best ways to take pride in yourself. Learning how to have a six-pack can build confidence in all areas of life.

If you live in a bustling city or in the leafy suburbs, the one thing that everyone has in common is publicly available FREE fitness equipment. I’m not talking about dedicated weight machines, but instead an assortment of fences, staircases, ledges, park benches for workouts that involve nothing but your own body weight.

Why? It’s all about getting back to basics, and using the tools that the great outdoors provides us, to improve and enhance our lives and to become urban warriors of fitness! You owe it to yourself to expand your workout regimen, and utilize your urban environment to achieve optimum health and vitality.

It’s all about balance with nature, and using your body’s weight to get in shape. Using your own bodyweight can be challenging, but will help you realize your own potential. Remember those school days of playing football, basketball, baseball or field hockey? The workouts for training consisted of nothing but jumping jacks, push-ups, leg lifts and sit-ups. It worked – right?

No matter where you live, how old you are or what shape you are in, outdoor exercises using your own body weight is the answer. You can workout anytime and anywhere, because your workout equipment is always available and with you. It is resistance training at its best. Your body has its own built-in, natural limits to help you reach your fitness goals.

One of the most important goals to achieve is muscle. Muscle keeps you strong, young, burns calories and protects your joints. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn – even just sitting here reading this book. Muscle creates a furnace in your body that speeds up your metabolism.

Using your body is not the only way to add or change resistance. Adjusting the angles in your exercises can shock your system and transform your body even more quickly. Staying fit is all about lifestyle and once it becomes a part of your life, it becomes effortless and produces incredible changes in your physique.

Eating right, staying hydrated, sleeping well and getting fit, using your own body for workouts outdoors or in. It doesn’t matter!

There are certain outdoor features that every urban environment can offer, including:

Building overhangs or ledges – pull-ups can be done from these by holding on and bringing your knees up to the chest.
Traffic lights – these take effort to climb but also offer bars to do pull-ups or chin-ups.
Park benches – these are great for jumping up on with both feet and work well for push-ups.
Hills – sprint up and down hills, wherever you find them.
Stairs – always take the stairs whenever you can. Skip a step as you go or run up and down them as fast as you can. See how many flights you can climb.
Construction sites – so much to do for exercise! You can do deadlifts with cement blocks, sandbags to move and who knows, you may get offered a job! Remember to ask for permission, not to trespass and to be aware of health and safety.
Cars – use the cars as motivation to run with on the sidewalk or perhaps lift the back end of your car.
Dumpsters – treat them like sleds, and push them for a great workout.

There are so many other options to consider. Always be on the lookout for places and objects for exercise and use resistance. You may be surprised how many places there are to conquer in your environment. Instead of walking past them or avoiding stairs, for example, get a workout in even if it is only for a few minutes. The benefits do add up – and don’t worry about the looks you will get from passers by!

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A Foodie’s Guide to Yummy Appetizer & Snack Recipes

Dante Morelli

Price: FREE

I opened this cookbook and was delighted to find favorites, and variations on old favorites. There’s an entire section on Dips and Salsas, and another section on Dipping Sauces, as well as on general appetizers. Whether you’re looking for deviled eggs, brushetta, stuffed jalapenos, sweet and sour sauce, mini meatballs, pizza puffs, or other tasty treats, this cookbook has many suggestions for your next occasion or celebration.

J.M. Verba

In Easy Appetizer Recipes Dante & Jennie Morelli share a collection of their favorite, mouthwatering appetizers, dips & salsa and dipping sauces. These are quick and easy recipes that you can prepare for your own family dinners or take to a party. Most of these appetizer recipes are also great as snacks for watching television or home movies.

Get this book today and this weekend you can make:

Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs
Bacon Wrap
Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos
Bacon Wrapped Smokies
Cheddar Artichoke Hearts
Cinnamon Cream Cheese Rolls
Cucumber Dill Sandwiches
Dante’s Killer Bruschetta
Devils on Horseback
Easy Stuffed Jalapenos
Fruit Salsa
Hot Italian Sandwich
Hot Bacon Rye Puffs
Italiano Pinwheels
Jalapeno Sausage Pinwheels
Mini Chinese Egg Rolls
Mini Meatballs
Mini Reuben Sandwiches
Pico De Gallo
Pineapple Cheese Ball
Pizza Puffs
Sausage & Cheese Puffs
Stuffed Prosciutto Mushrooms
Taco Roll-Ups
Walnut and Gorgonzola Grapes
Brewski Dip
Chili Cheese Dip
Cookie Dough Toffee Dip
Double Cheese Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Easy Pesto Dip
Fresh Tomato Salsa
Hawaiian Dip
Hot Spinach Dip
Peach Mango Salsa
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip
Spicy Fiesta Ranch Dip
Balsamic Vinegar Sauce
Barbecue Dipping Sauce
Horseradish Dipping Sauce
Horsey Dill Dipping Sauce
Peanut Dipping Sauce
Spicy Apricot Dipping Sauce
Sweet and Sour Sauce

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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