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Christmas Roses

Amanda Cabot

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Christmas Roses is a wonderful novella and, to me, everything a novella should be. It didn’t feel rushed at all, like so many of them do. I was able to lose myself in the story immediately – I love when that happens! I didn’t stop reading until I reached the end and what an ending – it was so sweet and perfect!


Celia Anderson doesn’t need anything for Christmas except a few more boarders, which are hard to come by in this small mining town. She certainly doesn’t have a husband on her Christmas wish list. But when a wandering carpenter finds lodging at her boarding house, she admits that she might remarry if she found the right man–the kind of man who would bring her roses for Christmas. It would take a miracle to get roses during a harsh Wyoming winter. But Christmas, after all, is the time for miracles . . .Amanda Cabot invites readers to cozy up with a romantic, heartwarming tale of the greatest gift of all–love.

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Winter Chill (Seasons of the Heart)

Susette Williams

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The intriguing circumstances of their first encounter is sure to grab the attention of any romantic reader, especially the young adult or the young at heart. It is extremely refreshing to read such a clean…no sex, no swearing…kind of book.

Dolores Ayotte

When Sasha Steinfeld sees Katie Morgan’s engagement ring, she realizes it could have been her. If only she wasn’t so frigid around men. Overcoming the past isn’t easy, but Sasha knows she must if she ever wants to find the same happiness Katie has found.

The last person Forrest Tucker expects to see when he gets to his cabin is Sasha. He thinks Sasha is a bit different, although he’s never concerned himself with why. Now she is trying to break into his cabin. When he realizes she’s injured, Forrest does what any good citizen would do–if they were helping someone else.

When Forrest learns the secret behind Sasha’s chilly personality, he sets out to help her thaw.

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The Eighth Sea

Nancy Sprowell Geise

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Love, loss, tragedy and joy – they are all here as you follow the tragic circumstances and risk-filled decisions that lead to the faith-filled life of the amazing Brenna.
The characters and locations are so well developed, I can picture it in movie-format in my mind – I expect we will see it on the big screen soon.

Kit L.

Since its official launch in January 2012, The Eighth Sea has already had more than 45,000 downloads and has ranked #1 in both Historical Fiction and Historical Romance categories on

Have You Found Your Eighth Sea?

In the cold, black hold of a sailing ship, a young woman lies dying, tormented that her death will mean nothing. No one will know. No one will care. Only the will to find a purpose for her life keeps breath in her exhausted body.

Far away, a soft Carolina breeze touches a mother’s face as she peers into the night sky, agonizing over the loss of her infant daughter nineteen years before. A haunting vision that will not leave her—it whispers of a living tie, still unbroken, to that baby long ago. Worlds apart and unaware of one another, the mother and daughter fight their lonely battles for survival.

Between them—a man rising to greatness with the new America will bring them together.

In 1769, on the shores of St. Christopher in the West Indies, Weston and Emily Emerson are devastated by the sight of their infant daughter’s blanket floating among the splintered remains of a lifeboat. The voyage that began with promise of a new beginning in America ends in tragedy when a violent storm separates them from their child. Believing their daughter has perished, the heartbroken Emersons continue their voyage to the Colonies, not knowing Brenna was rescued.

Nineteen years later, Brenna, unaware of her true identity, begins an odyssey that will take her far from her dismal existence on St. Christopher. A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger will forever change the course of her life. In the old Roman city of Bath, Nathan begins an unrelenting search for Brenna that sweeps across England, involving romance, murder, and intrigue.

The themes of this story are universal: a long journey; separation and return; uncertainty; searching and finding; the search for understanding God’s will amidst tragedy; and finally, the realization that people can be bound together forever.

The Eighth Sea is a passionate love story involving two unforgettable characters—Brenna and Nathan. Their story is our story—finding our place in the world, the meaning of our lives, our way home. Brenna’s solution is to set sail beyond the only world she has ever known and into her eighth sea. The story is inspirational, and its romance is deep and enduring.

Struggling to triumph are three major characters: Brenna—determined to find her place in the world yet haunted by the shadows of abandonment and self-doubt; Emily—plagued with grief over the loss of her only child an unable to shake a disturbing sense that something is unresolved; and Nathan—strong and charismatic, discovering that in his search for Brenna, he has found himself. Their story is a tribute to the human experiences of good overcoming evil, the power of persistence, seeking God, and finally, of love enduring against all odds.

The Eighth Sea is hard to put down, a deep and enduring romance, a plot filled with unexpected twists and the characters hard to get out of one’s mind…an inspiring journey into the unknown. A book club must read!

The Eighth Sea—finding the meaning of our lives, our way home.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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