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Carrie Isaac

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Grocery University by Carrie Isaac is exactly what you need! In simple, straightforward and short step-by-step chapters, Carrie will teach you all the basics to saving money with coupons, how to get the best bang for your buck and how to do it in an organized and streamlined manner. I listened to the Grocery University course and went through the course manual and was very impressed with how well-done and comprehensive it was. I’d highly recommend it for beginners or those of you who have been trying to clip coupons but feel you spinning their wheels and getting no traction in actually reducing your grocery bill.

Crystal Paine

Are you feeling like you’d love to reduce your grocery bill but you’re overwhelmed at where to start? Do you wish an experienced couponer could come to your house and walk you through all the steps to seeing significant savings?

Grocery University includes 19 audio MP3 files and a 40+ page printable student workbook. Plus, it includes a bonus 10-page Rock Bottom Price Database.

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