Sunday’s Free and Discounted Kindle Deals: Inspirational, Nonfiction, and Christian Fiction

The Mathematical Proof for Christianity: (Along With Other Reasons to Believe!) Dan Delzell The facts in this book will help you to see why Christianity is not a “blind faith” based on chance, but rather, a rational faith based on evidence. There are plenty of strong reasons to accept the message of the Bible, and […]

Saturday’s Discounted Kindle Deals: Featured, Nonfiction, and Christian Fiction

Today we have TWO featured ebooks for you! Featured books are books that we really think you, the reader, will enjoy and we post them at the top so that you have the opportunity to see them! Cherish: Seven Tender Christian Romance Novels Kimberly Rae Jordan From seven bestselling Christian authors comes a compilation of […]

Friday’s Free and Discounted Kindle Deals

Whitewashed: On The Brink Series, Book One Amy C. Blake Eighteen-year-old Patience McDonough has a plan. Despite her parents’ objections, She will attend Verity College in Hades, Mississippi, and live with her grandparents. She’ll complete her degree in record time and go on to become a doctor. But things at the college are strangely neglected, […]

Thursday’s Free and Discounted Kindle Deals: Featured, nonfiction, and Christian Fiction

The Amish Heart Katie Fisher An Amish girl following a difficult path. Will she find the strength to complete it? Eighteen-year-old Ruth Kepthart isn’t looking forward to her Rumspringa at all. All she wants to do is join the Amish faith in full, be baptized, and marry. And deep down inside, she already knows which […]

Wednesday’s Free and Discounted Kindle Deals: Audio deal, Nonfiction and Christian Fiction

What Are You Looking At?: Finding Joy in the Chaos and Monotony of Life Donna Rekitt There has GOT to be more to life than this! Have you ever thought that? ​ Stressed out and worried about finances, health, kids, spouse and work… Bored with the same routine of going to work, figuring out what […]